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Innovative, beautiful and chock-full of techniques and ideas on cold connections.  You'll enjoy Kazmer's approach to the discarded, its transformation and its journey.  Try your hand at connecting a non-fireable material like Faux Bone(tm), resin, WhimsyCrete, an old pencil, or any found object to your metal clay masterieces.  A great book for your studio bookshelf.

Jump-start new creative approaches to your work and get a copy today!  Just be prepared to be obsessed for hours reading it from cover to cover!

Have a project where you need a custom texture or perhaps custom words or letters?  Photopolymer plates (PPPs) afford ease of customization at a very affordable price.  For less than $2 you too can create these plates in about 15 minutes!  Watch our brand new tutorial on the entire process for creating a Photopolymer Plate with Thermal Negative Film!  As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words.  We are working hard at WLW to bring you more video tutorials weekly!

Watch the video tutorial for Photopolymer Plates

Creativity Tip: Try to start off your day, by working at the bench first.  The left brain has a hard time letting go when it is already hard at work.  So if you get up, read your email, start your work and then try to switch to your right brain at your bench, it's going to be difficult.  If you can't get to your bench until after "work" where you've been using your left brain, then try several creative exercises to engage your right brain.  You might try these simple exercises:
  1. Write down 20 things that smell great when they are cooking.
  2. Write down 10 names your pet would give you if he/she was naming you.

These are just two exercises that surely will jump start your right brain and get you on the path to creativity!

Metal Clay Tip: There always seems to be small divot that appears or deep scratch in an area that is unwanted, especially when you think you are finished!  Instead of sanding away at that area, which removes clay, but doesn't always fix the problem, simply take a clay shaper (TL061), wet it and rub on your piece in a circular motion.  This creates slip which will fill the divot or scratch.  Wipe with your finger which removes the excess slip and smooths the clay.  Usually this divot or scratch completely disppears!  Have a deep hole or large crack?  Use this same tool and a tiny smidgen of clay and rub it into the hole with the clay shaper and a bit of water.  Presto, you won't even be able to tell there was a hole or crack!

Marketing Tip: Envision your customer.  Who is she or he?  Write down their characteristics: what they wear, where they shop, how much they spend on jewelry, what events they might attend, etc.  This is an insightful exercise.  Are you targeting your market correctly.  How can you better reach out to your target market?  Is your price point coincide with your target market?  What features and benefits do your pieces have that will appeal to your target market?  Brainstorm, make lists, and you'll discover many ways you can alter, change or improve your marketing, your pieces and your brand.

Yes it's time for Spring Cleaning!  To make room for all the new things we added in March.  We are cleaning out old inventory at unbeatable prices.  In April we're adding a sale category too!  Watch for more clearance items to be added and further reductions.  Get 'em while you can!

Visit our clearance area at WholeLottaWhimsy.com

Roy G. Biv's bold neons and lots of lavender are all the rage.  Hippie Revival, florals, goth, punk and glam rock edge were prevalent looks on this spring's runways!  Shown also for fall, Xenophiles will love the ethnic themes.  Big beads, statement cuffs, bib necklaces, pearls, gold, chain link, large gems, large hoops and lariat necklaces keep us all busy at our benches!  Go back to your studio and create!

Check out these great links for your trend inside information: Design*Sponge, Style.com, Elle, Pantone

Mark your calendars for a Spring and Summer full of can't-miss dates.

See us at these shows:

  • April 4th-6th: Glass Craft Expo, Las Vegas, NV
  • May 2nd-4th: Bead Expo, Phoenix, AZ*
  • June 5th-9th: Bead & Button, Milwaukee, WI
  • July 17th-19th: PMC Conference, Purdue, IN

*Interested in free tickets to this show?  We have a limited number of tickets to give to customers who've ordered in the last 3 months!  Email sales@wholelottawhimsy.com to request yours!

We add new stuff every month.  Here's some of the things we've added just in March! We attended CHA (Craft and Hobby Association) this year.  It's the largest craft trade show in the world.  It takes 4 full days just to walk by every booth!  We got a little carried away, but wait, there's more coming this Spring!

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