Master Muses

On January 20th, Whole Lotta Whimsy announced our exclusive design team, Master Muses, on our blog, On Wednesday we kicked off the first of 60 weekly tutorials on various challenges featuring techniques, materials and themes with Anne Mitchell’s project.

The 10 amazingly diverse artists are divided into two teams of 5. They are given a bag of materials and a challenge and or a theme to make a piece. The first team is currently working on Interesting and Fabulous Clasps using PMC or CopprClay.

Anne Mitchell’s tutorial is a fabulous Steampunk hook clasp made out of PMC and fine silver with watch parts riveted to the surface. The blog tutorial shares the tutorial with the reader the steps in synopsis form. It’s our goal, in conjunction with the Master, to inspire you to create a similar piece and learn new techniques. The tutorials are also primers for the PMC Guild’s Master Registry program. Many of the projects fulfill the requirements for the projects. When this applies, there will be a notation as to the project that correlates.

Master Muses are a free online treat to your emailbox every week! Subscribe today so you don’t miss out on a single tutorial. You can even take the challenge weekly and create a masterpiece for yourself. We welcome participation and feedback. We’ll be offering give-aways and other exciting developments based on the challenges! So stay tuned to the site every week!

3-4 weeks after the tutorial debuts on the blog, the full tutorial will be available at Whole Lotta Whimsy. These tutorials will be in a handy bench format and in full detail. Some with 70 plus photos. No detail will be left out including finishing techniques, specific materials and tools used. Learn how the artist riveted, drilled holes, sanded, shaped, carved and patinated their piece. So you too can create the same piece.

Please visit the blog at to find out more about each of our 10 designers and see the first tutorial challenge. Next Wednesday, Barbara Becker Simon’s Incredible and Unusual Clasp will debut. You won’t want to miss it!

Stop by our booth at Bead and Button or the PMC Guild Conference to check out the pieces that were featured in our blog. They will be on display and you can see them in person!

Bead Dreams Contest

Did you know that Whole Lotta Whimsy is the official sponsor of the newest category of the Bead Dreams contest, Handmade Buttons and Beads. Enter your bead or button in this diverse category. “A unified collection of 4 or more buttons or beads in any media including but not limited to ceramic, raku, resin, bone, etc. (This excludes lampworked glass, polymer clay, metal clay, and beaded beads). We hope many of our customers will enter this new category for a chance to win up to $300 from Whole Lotta Whimsy for 1st place, $200 for second, and $100 for third!

Entries are due April 5th. It will be here before you know it!

The Art of Marketing and Product Reviews

In order to keep the newsletter shorter, these columns will now be featured weekly on the blog. Be sure to check them out! We’d appreciate your feedback. For every comment left on the blog you’ll be entered into the give-aways. These might be monthly or twice per month. Don’t be left out on the goodies!

10 Fun Vocabulary Words

1. Keum-Boo
Fusing pure gold foil on to the surface of silver. It is a Korean decorative technique that fuses 22-karat gold foil with silver surfaces through friction and heat combined, to add color and contrast.
2. Leader
A gradual taper filed on the end of wire
3. Moh’s Scale
A scale of approximate hardness based on resistance to abrasion. The hardest, diamond, is a 10, and the softest, talc is a 0.
4. Nonferrous
Metals not containing iron.
5. Oxidizing Flame
A flame with a high proportion of air in it. Used where greater heat is needed, the oxidizing flame leads to more oxide forming on the metal.
6. Placement
The location and orientation of an element in relation to the outside parameters of a design space as well as to other elements in the space.
7. Quench
Dropping hot metal straight into water, or a mixture of oil and water, for rapid cooling and hardening.
8. Rivet
A mechanical means of joining two or more parts by passing a pin through them. The ends of the pin are spread, so that it cannot come apart.
9. Saturation
The relative degree of purity a color exhibits. Highly saturated color is experienced as pure, full strength, rich; colors of low saturation are experienced as dull, diluted, spare.
10. Tap
A tool used for cutting a screw-thread in a hole.

Stretch Your Moolah: Clearance

January is a big month for companies releasing new tools, supplies, and other products. In order to make room for new things well be bringing in to the warehouse we are putting on clearance many items. Time to clean house! This is a good news for those of you looking for exceptional deals!


Don't forget to visit our SALE page. These are items that are overstocked. Wed like to clear out a few and when those are gone, they go back to their regular price. Take advantage of these prices.

Suggestions? We Want to Hear Them!

We'd love to hear from you if you find this newsletter insightful or if you think it needs improvement. Tell us what we could do to make it better. Have an artist that you would like to have interviewed? Let us know! Have a request for a product to be shown in our video tutorials? We are always wondering what products need to be demonstrated to be better understood. That's what spurred the tutorials in the first place. We are open to your suggestions and comments. Send them to

New Items for January

Click on highlighted index categories to go see those website pages

Beading Supplies and Chains

  • Rubber Necklaces with Silver Clasp
  • Leather Cuff, Black
  • Rubber Tube Lock Cord 2mm
  • Jewelry Tube and Connectors
  • Flex-rite Clear Micro Wire

Books, Magazines and Calendars

  • Metal Clay Artist Magazine, Vol I, Issue 2

Elemental Vintage B: Brass Components

  • Raw Brass Jump Rings
  • Raw Brass Ear Wires
  • Raw Brass Crimp Beads

Firing: Kiln and Torch Supplies

  • SpeedFire™ Cone

Glass Fusing Tools & Supplies

  • Fuseworks Fusible Circles (clear, black, asst colors)

Resin and Photopolymer

  • Small UV Lamp 9 Watt

Stones and Briolettes

  • Natural Jamunai Raspberry Garnet Cabochons
  • Natural Rhodolite Garnet Cabochons
  • Natural Amethyst Cabochons
  • Natural Iolite Cabochons
  • Natural Aqua Cabochons
  • Natural Peridot Cabochons
  • Natural Vesonite Cabochons
  • Natural Sunstone Cabochons
  • Natural Labradorite Cabochons
  • Natural Citrine Cabochons
  • Natural Rainbow Moonstone Cabochons

Supplies B: Wire & Metal Clay Components

  • Embeddables Prong Settings for BronzClay
  • Embeddables Eyelet for BronzClay
  • Embeddables Bail for BronzClay
  • Embeddables Prong Settings for Silver Clay
  • Embeddables Bail for Silver Clay
  • Embeddables Eyelet for Silver Clay

Supplies C: Surface Coloration Products

  • Distress Embossing Powder 1oz (10 colors to make your own pebbles)

Supplies D: Mixed Media

  • Vintage Watch Dials
  • Vintage Watch Innards
  • Vintage Pocket Watch Plates
  • Vintage Pocket Watch Full Plates
  • Vintage Pocket Watch Movements and Parts
  • Vintage Pocket Watch Movements A-L
  • Vintage Pocket Watch Case with Glass
  • Small Pocket Watch Case with Glass
  • Large Pocket Watch Case, No Glass
  • Small Pocket Watch Case, No Glass
  • Finger Protector Wrap
  • Lithium Battery
  • Bling Ring

Tools E: Extrude, Punch and Embellish

  • Large 4 Disc Cutter
  • Replacement Pins for Metal Punch Plier

Tools H: Sanding, Filing and Drilling

  • Mini Diamond Sanding Set
  • Polished High Speed Drill Bits

Tools I: Burnishing & Polishing

  • Round Shot

Tools J: Hammering, Sawing and Forming

  • Riveting/Wire Draw Square
  • 5” German-Style Jewelers Adjustable Saw
  • Steel Block

Tools K: Wire Work and Shears

  • 8" Round Draw Plate

Tools L: Miscellaneous Bench Tools

  • French Handle

Tools M: Mixed Media and Surface Treatments

  • Small Spray Booth