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June 24, 2010

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Note From Tonya

I recently returned from the world's largest gathering of jewelry artists at Bead and Button. This year was a little different than most in that I saw lots of newly interested hobbyists dipping their toe in to the bead world. There were fewer seasoned artists in attendance. Seed beading seemed to be coming around full-circle again!

I'm looking forward to the next big show, held once every two year, the PMC Guild Conference. I hope you are planning on coming to Purdue, Indiana at the end of July to learn cutting edge metal clay techniques, pricing, mixed media and more! Not to mention there is going to be some earth shaking-type news for the world of metal being presented by the Japanese. You'll be sorry you missed it if you don't attend!

If you work in metal clay and natural cabs, enamels, faux bone, resin or polymer please send your images of your work to I'm seeking professionally photographed 300 dpi jpeg or tiff photos of your work for my presentation on Mixed Media and Metal Clay. Join the community and inspire others to create while getting some well-deserved recognition!


June 21st we kicked off the first day of summer and reveled in the solstice with the largest sale in our 8 years of business! We are adding products nearly every day throughout July! So stop in and see what's been added. These are items we are clearancing out to make room for new tools and supplies! Save some money and get something you've been waiting to add to your repertoire.

June 28th the Master Muse introductory price of $18.97 will end. The price is increasing to match their fantastic value, $34.97. Where else can you get an extremely detailed class on a cutting-edge technique in metal clay. Not to mention that you can do it in your pajamas in your studio without lugging all your tools? No need to worry about comfort, bad lighting, or the instructor leaving out how they finished their piece, how they did that step, etc. When editing the tutorials no stone was left unturned! These truly are handy and easy to understand and full of benefit! Expand your skill set and learn from these accomplished masters of metal clay!

Feature Article

5 Ways to Connect with Your Customer Through Your Work

Everyone loves a good story or a feeling that your work spoke to them in a deep way. Giving them something they can believe in or trust, makes them feel an emotion.

We connect on the human level through our emotions and feelings. It's energy and how we pass that along to others. We have a basic need to connect through the story you tell in your work. This is essential to selling and a key ingredient of marketing.

If your work is about technique, perfection and execution, what story does that tell and does it connect to anyone? The easiest way to connect is to allow emotion in your work.

Express how you are feeling and what you are thinking. Work without boundaries, expectations and rules. In a word from my good friend Robert, just well.

  • Think of your art as your best friend. Look at her and admire her strengths and beauty. Realize that she has faults and embrace her crooked teeth and warts. There is no need to perfect her. Let her shine as you created her.
  • Don't plan out your design to the nth degree. Allow for impulse and to be inspired by the materials, shape, texture, line, etc. Ask yourself why did you chose that material or pattern? What does it say to you and how can you tell a story with it as your voice?
  • Set an intention before commencing on a project. Focus on the intention and then release it. Be free to wander in your artwork.
  • Envision a time and place that your piece would be worn. Dream about the laughter and joy of the moment it is worn or given as a gift. Embrace that loving energy and let it envelope you as you create.
  • Trust in yourself as the artist. Know that you will create the art just as it needs to be. Allow it to be done, and to speak for you. Your creative process and outcome is perfect when you let yourself be free when creating it. Think of it as imperfect perfection!
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