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15 Steps to Living Creatively

June 30, 2010

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Note From Tonya

Fourth of July will be here in a few days. I'm sure you're planning the bbq menu, going to the mountains, the beach or maybe you are just going to lounge in the pool? Good for you! Take some time to reflect on what it means to truly be independent.

Life is really about living. Playing hard after working hard and savoring those moments. In order to rejuvenate the creative soul we need time to be outside playing, connecting with nature and manifesting those pleasures in life.

Perhaps, as you read this you feel regret as you can only identify with those that are working the weekend or holiday getting ready for a show, getting ready for the conference or just making new work that you are behind on. Are you experiencing overwhelm, overcommitment or maybe you are just exhausted? Unfortunately, I know that path all too well.

However, true growth comes from taking a step back and examining the past. Did I learn from yesterday, last week, or last month? Being able to reexamine, reflect, and recommit to new patterns, let's me play a bigger game of abundance. It's okay if I have to spend some time cleaning up old patterns and bad decisions.

So I make the realization that today I lived imperfectly and that's okay. Tomorrow I start my day with a strong foundation of honoring myself. This is living life more creatively.

Check out today's article on 15 ways to live your life more creatively starting tomorrow!

Creative Blessings,


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Feature Article

15 Steps to Living Creatively

Close your eyes and envision the last amazing piece you made. Think about how you felt. Ohhhhhh do you have goose bumps and that funky feeling in your tummy? Can you see yourself at your bench, with all your tools and the music is playing just the right tunes.

The idea for the piece came to you effortlessly and you confidently executed it. You were on fire as each part of the design came together. Joy and energy radiated at each step, all the way to final outcome. You were proud and amazed at what you created! Like giving birth to a part of your soul!

Yet there are times we are "blocked" or just can't seem to find any creative spark. This is usually because we are overwhelmed and exhausted.

It's just time to clear away the excuses and clean up the old patterns. Start with this foundation of 15 ways to live more creative:

  1. Practice gratitude. Start off each day or end each night with a list of things you are grateful for.
  2. Take time to play each day whether it's at your bench or outside. If this is hard for you to do, start with 15 minutes.
  3. Teach and learn. This will take your talent to the next level.
  4. Read new stuff and learn a new skill. It's even better if it's something you don't agree with or aren't really interested in. Turn your box upside down!
  5. Rest! No one can be creative when they are tired.
  6. Stop complaining or the universe hears you ordering more stuff to complain about.
  7. Watch your language. Change negative remarks about yourself or others into positive ones.
  8. Embrace criticism as true love and care.
  9. Be silly and full of whimsy
  10. Systemize your schedule and stick to it. Include exercise daily.
  11. Break down your goals into doable action steps. No more than 3 a day.
  12. Have an accountability partner for support and to help you embrace savoring time off.
  13. Shed the mental burden of your clutter. Repair broken things, toss trash, donate unused items.
  14. Set an intention daily. Then try setting one for each task in your day no matter how big or small. Tell the universe how you'd like it to play out. It's amazing what you'll get when you ask for it!
  15. Surround yourself with positive people and situations where you can thrive.
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