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Note From Tonya
Did you fail at something today? Why not!
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The Muse Personality: Lisa Cain

July 15, 2010

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Note From Tonya

Can you believe that summer is half over? Before you know it the PMC Guild Conference will be here and then it will be August! I ask myself daily, what happens to the time! The good news is it's nearly school supply shopping season. Ohhh be still my heart!

Speaking of school starting soon, football season practice started 6 weeks ago! Just imagine 107 degree weather combined with up/downs, sprinting, and running patterns for 3 hours. Now that's dedication to your dreams or perhaps insanity?

Nearly every morning my son goes to his trainer and then in the afternoon he goes to practice. 4 hours a day 4 days a week. I admire his tenacity and dedication as he tries to perfect his skills in his sport.

However, this morning, his coach needed to talk to me. He said he wasn't sure how to say it to me, but he was in fact concerned that my son was afraid to fail. Failure. A shame-filled noun, verb, emotion and event. A word I also battle with daily. Isn't everyone afraid to fail? How do you tell a child that it's okay to fail. To also make them understand there's a balance between trying to succeed and do things right and then to also embrace failure when it presents itself.

It's only shameful when our fear of failure keeps us from trying. We lost the message somewhere along the way that it was a sign of strength and courage to try, try and try again. Failure is part of our growth and ability to improve. Without failure we stagnate. Without experiencing vulnerability we cannot cultivate courage.

So take some time to listen to your gut. It's your fear sensor and acts as the filter for your monkey mind. When you feel the fear, (if not confronted by a bear and you are in a safe place), appreciate it, embrace it, and then let it go.

Fear is essential in the process of learning and growing. I encourage you (and my young athlete) to mindfully practice authenticity, by facing our fears, and invite joy and gratitude into your life. To do things imperfectly is perfect!

So go fail at something today! I challenge you!

"Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear - not absence of fear." Mark Twain

Creative Blessings,


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Feature Article

The Muse Personality: Lisa Cain

Each ezine I'll interview a metal clay muse personality. Get to know this artisan and how they stay creative! A dose of inspiration!

Website and Bio:

Lisa Cain has been a jeweler/artist/teacher for more that 20 years and has been working with metal clay since 1997. She is the creator and director of The Mid Cornwall School of Jewellery (MCSJ) located in Cornwall, England.

MCSJ was the first independent school in the UK to offer metal clay classes and remains the only school offering the prestigious Higher Metal Clay Diploma course of study in the world. Lisa's background is in traditional gold-smithing and she spent 4 years as an apprentice to a master goldsmith before establishing her school.

Lisa is presently the Director of the UK PMC Guild and is the originator of and force behind the bi-annual PMC Symposium. Her work is featured in books and publications on both metal clay and traditional jewelry work and she is a frequent contributor to various publications both in the UK and the US.

Lisa is one of only a handful of people to achieve level 2 of the Metal Clay Masters Registry Program and continues to work and teach in beautiful Cornwall, England. She is the very proud Grandmother of Quinlan, a fabulous 16-month-old boy whose first words were reported to be "is it sintered?"

Date started working in metal clay:

My background is in traditional metal work and, back in 1997, my boss sent me on a training course 200 miles from home to attend a stone setting class for some new skills. Boy did I get more than I bargained for on that trip!

To read more of this great interview with Lisa, click here


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