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September 29, 2010

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Note From Tonya

Only 86 days, can you believe it?

Yes, that's the countdown to Christmas. It will be here in a blink. Does that send you into automatic overwhelm?

Most of us want to sell our handmade creations so we can have a little or even a lot of money, to build our business, or to just be able to continue to create (buy more materials). The holiday season is a perfect way to try out a show and capitalize on the largest spending time of the year.

Maybe you just aren't sure where to start. Art fairs, trade shows, open houses and other street fairs can tire you out just thinking about the minutiae of what we should bring to sell, what the display should look like to carry forward our brand, and whether we have the right marketing materials or even the right prices.

Your artwork won't sell itself and it's hard to get the exposure online that you can get at the right show. A show provides you with a target market of consumers. Not to mention that people are tired of consumerism and are looking for meaningful gifts with the custom touch. This is your opportunity to shine and to share your unique gifts with the world!

Maybe you aren't doing shows this holiday season. How you will market your business for 2011? Marketing is all about list building, contacts, and getting your name out there. The biggest shows of the year, like the Tucson Gem Show, are right behind the holiday season. Your business should be organized so you can effortlessly go into 2011 shows with a sense of confidence or will you be scrambling to get ready.

Now is the time to plan out your 2011 business goals and how you will market to exceed those goals. Don't plan to fail by failing to plan.

In the article today, I'll share 5 ways to help decide if shows are for you and how they can increase your business. Next month I'll be sharing a way for you to make more money, have more fun and do shows more effortlessly.

Creative Blessings,


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Feature Article

Five Reasons You Should be Participating in Shows
1) Exposure to new clients

Even the smallest open house will introduce you to new clients and contacts in your market. Most shows will expose you to several hundred and even up to 30,000 additional possible buyers. Having just one avenue for buyers to see your art, like a website or Etsy is not enough. Show attendees may not be the internet surfing type when they are considering adding a piece of artwork to their possessions. So add them to your email or ezine list to get them to see your work again and again. It's a list building opportunity!

2) Create a relationship with your clients

Exhibiting at shows, open houses and art fairs allows you to meet your customers. The best way to sell artwork it to be able to share your story about the work and why you created it. Being able to connect and let them get to know you is essential in creating that bond. Buyers want to know the creator. Be enthusiastic, happy and warm when representing your work!

3) Network with your community

Shows give you the unique ability to get to know other artists. This relationship, if properly fostered, can lead to opportunities. Artists will refer other artists for articles, events, co-ventures, awards and more. You'll also hear valuable conversations about other show successes and learn about selling tactics, theft prevention, etc. It's an opportunity to learn more about how things work behind the scenes, to get to know promoters, publishers, art critics and other important art supporters.

4) Improve your work and salesmanship

By exhibiting your work at a show you have the opportunity to meet with the customer in person to see how they approach your work. You can see how they try it on, if they understand how it works, if they are confused, if your branding is complimentary to their senses, how they feel about a particular line of work, etc. You also get to experience their objections to see if you have a psychological perception that your price points are too high, the colors are appealing, or if they even understand the concepts. It puts you in a unique position to edit your work with help directly from your potential customers.

5) Make additional money

Shows can be very profitable. This can add significantly to your bottom line. By being visible at a show you are in the forefront of your customer's reminding them of your work. When they are ready next time for a gift or have a need for art, they will think of you before others because your marketing is fresh in their minds. You are more likely to get bounce back sales if you work your contacts after the show. The fortune is in the followup! They may love that pendant enough to want to acquire the earrings or bracelet to match. Being at shows leads to other opportunities that will add to your financial bottom line as well.

If this article was beneficial to you, and you want to learn more about shows, art fairs, and open-houses, please look for an email to come to your inbox in early October for a very special offer!


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