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January 11, 2011

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Note From Tonya

It's that time of year! Time to reinvent ourselves, right? Clean, organize, become more successful, lose weight, make new plans, etc.

I must admit that I never really was one for resolutions. I always thought they were pretty silly. Pretty much like rubbing the genie's bottle or buying a lottery ticket and already having a list of the things you will buy picked out. Resolutions = Fantasy!

Don't you wish it was that simple. Say what you want and then *poof* it appears.

Gone by the wayside in the resolution wish-making process, is the time spent to contemplate what got us to this state of chaos, mess, extra pounds and debt. Without study we are sure to make the same steps, mistakes and feel the same pain.

We all know that if we do what we've always done, we'll get what we've always gotten. So what's the difference between those that change and those that say they want to change?

How can you actualize change in 2011?

One significant first step is to spend time reflecting, contemplating and evaluating your past, BUT not in your head.

Change requires that you write it out. By placing your thoughts, ideas and commitment on paper you are taking the first step to releasing your past and creating a new future.

Imaginations are in your mind and creations are physical. You cannot create a new future without creating it physically. Even if you need to buy yourself a new pretty journal to bribe yourself. As Nike says, Just Do It!

I've created a brilliant little tool for you, to help kick off your 2011. It's the Renew, Reenergize, Recommit Planner to finding your Compass Words.

I encourage you to find 20 minutes this week to complete this exercise.

Your success is my success, so I'm throwing in a fantastic bit of enticement for you to complete the planner. Post your 3R's Compass Word Answer on my blog to win a Barbara Becker Simon's book and Linda Kaye Mose's Doming Plate from Whole Lotta Whimsy!

I can't wait to read them and help guide you on your way to Renewing, Reenergizing and Recommitting to your success in 2011!

Creative Blessings,


Paragon Kilns

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We also provide lots of great information about which kiln to choose in our Learn section on the site. If you still have questions, we are happy to answer those questions as well! Let us be your consultant to fit your firing needs.

New Creative Tools Arrive at Whole Lotta Whimsy


Master Muse

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