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Start a Trend and Do the Chicken Dance

April 8, 2011

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Note From Tonya

Spring = new life...and of course, chocolate!

I love this season. I think it's my favorite. In fact I have fragrant, beautiful, yellow daffodils spread throughout the house and office. What could be better than the freshness of spring?

Spring break, for me signaled the time to reevaluate my son's mid-term grades, begin new landscaping from the hard freeze, clean out winter clothes, and plan for Bead and Button Show. Lots of changes going on!

So I've been tossing around ideas on how to improve and implement in our household and business. I thought it was perfect timing when I came across an interesting article in Family Circle this month about how to improve test scores. University of Chicago did a study of ninth graders, who improved their grade one full grade point by doing one simple thing, prior to each test.

You might ask why you would care, since you are not in ninth grade (unless you are like me and have a ninth grader in your home)! What if I told you the answer can help you conquer any fear or concern you have and improve your outcome.

Read my feature article this month below to find out how a simple and easy exercise can trick your conscious brain into performing better!

Creative Blessings,


New Prices on Books

We are making room for the new books coming out this summer. I love new books! All books have been discounted further and many have been moved to clearance to make room.

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New Creative Tools Arrive at Whole Lotta Whimsy


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Feature Article

Master Muse

Check out Ruth Baillie's Metal Clay Brooch with a Found Object and Keum Boo
FREE TUTORIAL this week!


Start a Trend and Do the Chicken Dance!

I love learning how the brain works. I'm one of those gals that wants to know how everything works, which makes me an excellent researcher.

Did you know that exercise twice a week will cut your risk of dementia in half and your risk of Alzheimer's by 60%.

This is because exercise gets the blood flowing in your brain. It brings in glucose and oxygen which fuels the brain and soaks up the toxic electrons that are left over. Another bonus is that it stimulates the protein that keeps the neurons connecting.

So I don't know about you but I'm thinking my elliptical is looking pretty darn good right now!

Perhaps you occasionally experience creative block? How about procrastination doing your taxes, billing, writing that article, filling out that show application? I'm sure these stem from anxiety caused by fear or perfectionism.

When we are anxious or in overwhelm our body goes into a fight or flight response. The blood that our brain needs to function at its best moves to the middle toward your brain stem leaving your prefrontal cortex deficient. This totally explains why I forget a person's name. I'm so nervous that the brain is drained of it's memory!

The recent experiments by the University of Chicago showed that by writing down your worries about what you think is on the test, what you might not remember, and how you felt about it, prior to taking the test, your grade could improve a full grade.

By placing your worries on paper, your brain then relieves itself of the stress and is free to concentrate on the task at hand. Your memory is no longer competing with your anxiety.

Intrigued by this study a teacher in Oregon conducted a further study and incorporated dancing the Chicken Dance and Electric Slide as well. Dancing prior to tests made a significant difference with struggling students and their scores.

Of course! By writing down your emotions, which lets the conscious brain let go of that worry, and then increasing the blood flow to the brain .....whalaaa, we've got an alert brain, ready to succeed!

So why not try writing/journaling for 8-10 minutes prior to taking difficult action. Just brain dump it all out and write down every fear and anxiety you might be feeling (what you think might happen and how you feel about it). Then just for fun, spend 2 minutes doing the Chicken. Sounds like a great way to spend less than 15 minutes!

You'll probably create a masterpiece, burn a few calories and whip out that dreaded paperwork effortlessly!

Lets start a trend.....chicken dance anyone?

Chicken Dance!

Opportunity to Participate

Mitsubishi Materials and the PMC Guild have asked us to invite our wonderful artisans to give them their opinion. I love it when manufacturers want to know what the end user wants...really wants and likes about it's product.

Mitsubishi, maker of the PMC line of metal clays, wants to improve their efforts to create better products to better serve the metal clay industry. They have developed a survey that only takes a few minutes of your time.

At no time during the survey, is any personal information gathered that you do not choose to share. Mitsubishi has no way of knowing where you found the survey or who you buy your clay from. It is totally anonymous if you choose to participate. At the end of the survey you have the opportunity to win 25 grams of PMC3 clay!

Click here to start the survey!

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