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  Personal Note From Tonya
You are invited to Sunday Social Circle

New creative tools arrived!

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Making Your Own Rose Bronze Clay

Personal Note From Tonya

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Do you like working alone? I bet that most artists do work alone and probably for the most part enjoy it. I know it's nice to retreat to my bench to get away from the noise of life.

My office/studio is located off-site from the warehouse. Away from the gentle whir of my elves (erm team) packing goodies up for artists all over the world. They are an amazing bunch whose work resembles the finest of symphonies!

I didn't really notice how the energy in my office was dependent on me until recently I acquired both my managers at my office. Laura is here full time and Eric comes to collaborate twice a week.

Now my office has more energy. It's a great buzzing feeling to have gobs of radiating creativity in the air. I think as artists, or solopreneurs, we forget how lonely it can be. To be a company of one.

I recently completed a fantastic book, Becoming a Life Change Artist, where the collaboration chapter hit a high note with me. I wrote about this last week where I commented on the importance of social media and making connections. Imagine what it would have been like, in between paint strokes, to go down to Cafe Guerbois to have a cup of joe and collaborate with the finest creative minds.

On the bright side, we might not get the lovely walk to the cafe, but we can save gas, carbon footprint, time and money and meet in the ethers of the internet. Twitter and Facebook can help you to find those to collaborate with, share a common goal, get a "well-done-you", or a helpful tip. It a place that an artist can attract like-minded energy even if just for 30 minutes to an hour.

In the spirit of collaboration, I'd like to invite you to Whole Lotta Whimsy's fan page. Please "like" the page and come back to visit us on Sundays for Sunday Social Circle.

This is your chance to exchange your name, your Facebook link, Tweet link, Etsy page, website etc. Go and check out other like minded artist sites, friend them, and follow them.

Make a point to step outside your inner circle and connect with a few more people every week over coffee in your own studio. Who knows where this will take your work or your life. Then take a 5 minutes every day to comment, share a tip, give a little encouragement with just 3 new friends. You might just have something amazing happen.

Can't wait to see you there!

Creative Blessings,

Tonya Signature

PS. By the way, when asked by Laura's husband what the office was like, she said "like the inside of a cupcake." Good think Eric doesn't mind. It's pretty girly ;-)


New Creative Tools Arrive at Whole Lotta Whimsy

The Handbook of Metal Clay 2nd Edition Silver & Bronze Clay Movement & Mechanisms
Mixed Metal Jewelry from Metal Clay Hadar's Pearl Grey Steel Clay
Hadar's Quick Fire Steel Clay Hadar's Quick Fire White Bronze Clay
Hadar's Quick Fire Bronze Clay Hadar's Quick Fire Copper Clay
Ann Davis Tool Kit

Raving Fan

Sue McNenly

Many people who know my work know that most of it incorporates the use of photopolymer printing plates.  I design an image or text on Adobe Illustrator, then using a UV light, I expose the image onto a photopolymer plate, essentially making my own mold.

I have used 100's of plates in the past...  plastic backed, metal backed, shallow, deep, etc and BY FAR the best product IMHO is the metal backed plates sold by Tonya Davidson at Whole Lotta Whimsy.  And, she is such an awesome supplier that she now sells them in larger sheets so you can save some money and cut your own.  I go through 100's of these, so this has been a huge help.

For years I used the plastic backed plates.  They are great and cost-effective, but no matter how you store them, they will eventually bend and crack.  I then purchased a bunch of metal backed ones from Boxcar Press.  These were great, nice and flat, but for some reason they just aren't as much of a pleasure to work with as Tonya's...  more difficult to wash away, etc.  Tonya's are quick, and will hold incredibly fine lines.  I have heard people say you can't go below 1pt with text, but I have made a plate with a .25 pt line and it was breezy and easy (Cover Girl? :))

- Sue McNenly
Sue McNenly Designs

Feature Article

Create Rose Bronze with Hadar's Clay

written by Hadar Jacobson of www.artinsilver.com

Rose Bronze clay has a color very close to rose gold. It is not sold commercially yet but is very easy to mix and use from Hadar's Quick-fire Copper and White Bronze.

Make copper a White bronze clay from Hadar's Quick-fire copper and White Bronze powder. You can see the instructions on Hadar's Clay instruction Manual and on a video clip on that same page (under Product Video).


Roll a layer of copper clay and a layer of White Bronze clay, both 6 cards thick

Pick a shape cutter (the bigger the cutter, the more amount of clay you will get).

Out of the copper layer, cut 6 pieces of copper clay. Cut one piece of White Bronze Clay.


The photo on the right show the colors of all 5 clays. Starting from the top left: White Bronze, Pearl Grey Steel, copper, Rose Bronze, and bronze.


The photos above are all made from Rose Bronze. The photo on the right combines all Hadar's Clays. The "sun" is made from Rose Bronze.


Make a mold from a piece you have already fired form silver, bronze or copper clay. Use the mold the make an identical piece from Rose Bronze.

Fire Rose Bronze following the firing schedule of Mixed copper/bronze pieces. It can be fired in the same box with copper, bronze and Pearl Grey pieces. See the Instruction Manual.


Rose bronze can be tumbled for a high shine.

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