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  Personal Note From Tonya
Butterflies and Hawks!

Connect + Collaborate + Create
New Creative Tools Arrive at Whole Lotta Whimsy

  Raving Fan

Paula McDowell
"Whole Lotta Whimsy allows me to do what I do: create art jewelry, and teach metal clay techniques..."

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The Muse Personality Interview: Helga van Leipsig

Personal Note From Tonya

Butterflies and Hawks!

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May is filled with butterflies and hawks. "What in the world" you might ask, does that mean?

Well it's the start of exciting trade shows. People gather from all over the world to share ideas, show off innovative new tools, supplies and mediums and we all get to connect!

The energy is tremendous. Ideas flurry about in my head for ways to connect with my current customers in a big way and to also attract new customers. Ways to make their jobs easier by providing a new tool that can cut down their labor, a technique that they haven't yet tried that will separate their work from another, or a way to help them find their genius work, their gift.

So where do the hawks and butterflies come into play? Well it's nerve-wracking to figure out what to take to shows, how to ship it, all the logistics, etc. It's like standing at the craps table in Vegas. So I've got gobs of butterflies flittering about in my stomach.

The hawks are my favorite part of the experience. The hawks for me symbolize the artist, and it's my job to help them soar in making their art, showing them ways to sell more, make more money and have more free time to enjoy the fruits of the hard work.

Hope to see you all at SNAG (Society of Northern American Goldsmiths in Seattle), Bead and Button in Milwaukee or MCWC (Metal Clay World Conference in Chicago).

It's going to be a busy summer, full of surprises, joy and creative bliss. Let's connect!

Creative Blessings,

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Connect + Collaborate + Create

Wow! 316 posts in just one week on Whole Lotta Whimsy's Sunday Social Circle Group forum. Topics such as firing, kilns, jewelry storage, enameling, sealing metal, selling on Etsy, hourly rates for teaching, new techniques, perfection, drilling holes and riveting, FB fan give-aways, thickness of metal clay, shows, soldering, bezels, educational resources, and the always prevalent kudos and encouragement abound!

In a past issue of the ezine I posted that I wanted to reach out and create a community like the master's Cafe Guerbois, where artist of various mediums could collaborate + connect + create. So three weeks ago I invited artists on Facebook and our ezine readers to join us on Whole Lotta Whimsy's Facebook page to post their information.

On Monday, those that participated get an invitation to the WLWSSC Group where you can really dig your hands in and get creative with other artists.

Here's what one group member said:

"I am so happy just to be in the presence of such wisdom and humanity and divinely talented souls. The value of what you've done for us all cannot be expressed in terms of the world's system; it can only be expressed in the hearts and spirits of all you've touched and who've touched others' lives for the better. The dividends have already been mind-blowing. Can't wait to see where we're all at a year from now!!

So join us this Sunday, check out other like-minded artist sites, friend them, and follow them. I look forward to seeing you step outside your inner circle and connect with a few more people every week over coffee in your own studio. Who knows where this will take your work or your life.

New Creative Tools Arrive at Whole Lotta Whimsy

Glass Decal Black - Tree I Glass Decal Black - Tree II
Glass Decal White - Tree I Glass Decal White - Tree II
Glass Decal White - Paisley Glass Decal White - Fiber
Glass Decal White - Swirl Bench Fan - Fumes & Dust
Sm Pocket Watch with Glass -silver Sm Pocket Watch with Glass - Ant Brass
Md Pocket Watch with Glass - silver Md Pocket Watch with Glass - Ant Brass
Lg Pocket Watch with Glass - silver Lg Pocket Watch with Glass - Ant Brass
Watch Crystals - glass - slight dome (4) Watch Cyrstals - glass - flat (12)
Lg Firing Container with Lift Catch Firing Container Pickup Tool
Half Pot Firing Container Lg Firing Container (no catch)
Quarter Pot Firing Container QuikArt Stylus Standard
QuikArt Stylus Small QuikArt Test Strip
QuikArt Fancy Bails QuikArt Traditional Bails
QuikArt Bail Tabs QuikArt Open Bail Tabs & Findings
QuikArt Whimsical Hearts QuikArt 2 Step Hearts
QuikArt Teardrops QuikArt Ovals
QuikArt Crosses 1 QuikArt Puffy Triangles
QuikArt Puffy Squares QuikArt Puffy Rectangles
QuikArt Ring Sizer Whole Sizes QuikArt Ring Sizer Half Sizes
QuikArt Ring Shank Template QuikArt Hollow Form Ring *Set*

Raving Fan

Paula McDowell

Whole Lotta Whimsy allows me to do what I do: create art jewelry, and teach metal clay techniques to others.

I order regularly for classes, and the team at WLW is always there to make sure it gets to me when I need it. Sometimes they have to talk me back from the edge when shipping or the weather doesn't cooperate, or offer alternative solutions when something is temporarily out of stock, but WLW customer support is absolutely top notch. In addition, Tonya and her team regularly provide new products, and great educational resources as part of the shopping experience. If there ever is a question about how to use a product, I can always find a friendly response via phone or email.

And, then there is Tonya's Musings and Mullings which never fails to make me want to try something new.

I think Whole Lotta Whimsy sets a standard for how a business should be run. I truly appreciate the dedication and hard work that allows me to focus on being passionate about creating.

- Paula McDowell
Studio Fire Dance

Feature Article

The Muse Personality Interview: Helga van Leipsig

Website and Bio: and

Helga van Leipsig Picture

I live and work in The Netherlands. My jewelry education started at the Academy of Arts in Maastricht, The Netherlands. So before I came across Precious Metal Clay in 2005 I was already a traditional silversmith. Captivated by PMC because of its incredible moldable quality I immediately started to work and experiment with it on my own. In an urge to know everything about it, I gained the PMC Diploma at the MCSJ. In 2007 I won second price with "Lady Elliot" in the PMC competition "Small treasures" for European metalsmiths. Presenter on the PMC conference 2008 with "Applying ceramic decals on silverclay". My work is published in several magazines and books. In may 2011 I will show & sell my Earth collection at the first SNAG trunk show in Seattle.

I am still astonished by this fascinating material and keep on exploring it, creating jewelry which is sold via my website and a few galleries. I also share my knowledge by teaching PMC workshops in the south of Holland. I am a member of the PMC guild and SNAG.

Date Started Working in Metal Clay

November 2005 I bought my first package of silverclay because I saw it in my jewelry material & tool catalogue and I got curious by it. I fiddeled a bit around with it. It was love at first sight. With my torch I fired the first batch and thought it was magic. I turned to the internet to find more information about the product. Soon found out there were two brands. PMC was the one I was most attracted to because there was a wealth of technical information on the guilds website which I was looking for at that moment. I had a desire to know everything about it, and that desire still fuels my passion for metalclay. I read and studied everything that I could find, I still do.

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