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  Personal Note From Tonya
Do You Invest in You

New Creative Tools Arrive at Whole Lotta Whimsy
F.R.EE Online/Tele Class June 15th

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Diane Sepanski
"Before I buy anything I check with WLW first, if they carry it...I buy it from them! "
Lori Coffelt
"I totally think WLW rocks."

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The Muse Personality: Maggie Bergman

Personal Note From Tonya

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Here I sit, off on yet another plane ride. This time I'm on my way to the biggest retail bead event in the world. There are hundreds of classes offered over 8 days and 650 booths to visit to see new things. 14,000 visitors are expected over the 4 days!

These opportunities are invaluable to the artist. We spend so much time alone in our studio, focusing on our work. By investing in yourself you open up your work to new possibilities and to seeing things in a new light.

Not to mention that labor is our number one cost when pricing our goods. If you want to make even $25 an hour, that's .42 a minute.

What if you could find a way to shave 5 minutes off that pair of earrings, by having a new tool or a new technique that could make you more efficient. That would result in $4.16 off the price of the earrings (retail markup). If you sell 50 pairs of earrings, that's $208 extra dollars in your pocket. That will cover your class or new tool, easily. Well worth the investment.

At trade shows like Bead & Button you are also able to see what's new and what are the cutting edge materials. You'll also see different ways to use them. The number one reason for me to attend is that I get to connect with others which often leads to a collaboration. That's creation at its best!

Bead & Button is also a way to connect with you customer. No one can sell your work like you can. If you haven't considered it, look into doing the show or any show, next week. Shows are booked a year in advance. Invest in you!

Don't forget to join us Sunday, at Whole Lotta Whimsy's Sunday Social Circle at http://www.facebook.com/WholeLottaWhimsy for the opportunity to exchange your information with other heart-centered artist looking to:

Connect + Collaborate + Create™

Creative Blessings,

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New Creative Tools Arrive at Whole Lotta Whimsy

New Silver Filled Items at Whole Lotta Whimsy!

Silver Filled Wire Soft 26g 11' Silver Filled Wire Soft 24g 11'
Silver Filled Wire Soft 22g 13' Silver Filled Wire Soft 20g 11'
Silver Filled Wire Soft 20g 11' Silver Filled Wire Soft 16g 2'
Silver Filled Jump Rings 6mm (10) 19g Silver Filled Jump Rings 5mm (10) 20g
Silver Filled Jump Rings 3mm (10) 22g Silver Filled Ear Wires w/ loop & ball (2pr)

Violet Gilder's Paste Patina Gilder's Paste
Iris Blue Gilder's Paste Silver Color Gilder's Paste
German Silver Gilder's Paste Copper Color Gilder's Paste
African Bronze Gilder's Paste Inca Gold Gilder's Paste
Antique Gold Gilder's Paste Niobium Steel-Colored Earwires (2 pair = 4)
Niobium Bronze Earwires (2 pair =4) Baldwin Patina 1oz

F.R.EE Online/Tele Class June 15th

Join me June 15th for a complimentary class:
The 5 Key Ingredients to Becoming a Successful Artist

Maybe you know the 5 Key Ingredients to Becoming a Successful Artist, maybe you need a refresher and sometimes it's just empowering to hear them again. No matter what you'll walk away with lots of valuable insight and tips from this complimentary class.

On June 15th, I will be sharing with anyone who signs up the components and systems that together create the foundation you need to take your business to the next level, or even make being an artist more enjoyable.

I'm excited to share with you on this FREE call:

  • How to connect your creative soul with savvy business acumen for heart-centered profits in a fun and purposeful way.
  • Proven strategies for finding your perfect customer and gaining clarity of voice. This allows you to play a bigger game sharing your gifts with the world.
  • Ways to avoid costly and time consuming pitfalls that can lead to negativity, self sabotage and keep you stuck for years.
  • ... and More!

Simply enter your first name and email address to reserve your spot at this link. Space is limited. If you aren't available on June 15th, sign up anyway. It's the only way to get the recording and to get entered to win give-away raffle prizes.

Click Here or on the Image Below for More Info!

Be sure to bring your notebook, pen, a great cup of joe or tea, and I'll see you June 15th!


Raving Fan

Diane Sepanski

When having classes, I order metal clay product a few days before class and I can rest assured I will have what I need when I need it. I say to my students, "WLW is so fast its almost as though I just think real hard about what I want and it shows up at my door step the next day!" That may be an exaggeration but its not any harder than that. The web site is easy to use and with a couple clicks what I need is at my door!

Before I buy anything I check with WLW first, if they carry it...I buy it from them! Prices are competitive, shipping is fast and affordable, customer service is above bar and I like to support local businesses.

- Diane Sepanski

Lori Coffelt

I totally think WLW rocks. I ordered on Sat., got a personal response about a problem with my order, and then received it Wed. That is amazing, and so are all the wonderful people at WLW. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

- Lori Coffelt

Feature Article

Photo Courtesy of Abby Johnston

The Muse Personality: Maggie Bergman

Date started working in metal clay:


Certified: (what clay, year and with whom)

I got in at the deep end! My very first experience with metal clay was my Senior Teacher Certification training with Silverlab in Melbourne working with Artclay Silver. ACS had only just arrived in Australia and they needed teachers in every state. My previous experience as a potter made the transition to metal clay much easier, but it not the way I'd recommend anyone just getting started. My excitement about working with metal clay was overwhelming, I hardly slept for the first 2-3 weeks, to find a material that allowed me to work 3d in silver, quickly and without the need for casting equipment, or a time consuming process, was totally liberating.

One year later PMC arrived in Australia, I did a cross-over course with Maryann Devos and became a Senior Teacher with PMC Connection. PMC is still my favourite clay and the one I use for all my work.

Accomplished at what media in addition to metal clay:

My jewelry making started in the 70s, when I took an enameling course, very basic, opaque enamels on copper, without any metalworking skills I was restricted to store bought enameling blanks.

I have worked with many different materials over the years, I love playing with new materials and techniques. Some of them are: sculpture in bronze, mixed media and ceramics as a side interest. Ceramics took over and I spent the next 20 years working as a studio potter, making one of sculptural pots.

My art education started in 1985 at the Brisbane Institute of Art where sculpture, printmaking and drawing were my main focus. It was here, while learning all kinds of printmaking techniques, that I first learned to work with photopolymer plates, which I was very happy to introduce to the metal clay community many years later.

To read more of this great interview with Maggie click here

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