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  Personal Note From Tonya
Bead & Button and a New eZine ~ Take Flight

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New Creative Tools Arrive at Whole Lotta Whimsy

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Mick and Susie Mamola
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Resins - Fun and Easy!

Personal Note From Tonya

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Wow....what an exciting summer so far. Bead & Button was great fun!

For the first 4 years we exhibited at B&B we demo'd metal clay. This was our ninth year, so I thought it would be fun to demo again. I invited two other companies, Metalliferous and Crafted Findings to join us in a Make and Take.

Attendees started at Metalliferous where they picked up a copper flower blank. Then they came to Whole Lotta Whimsy where we showed them how to torch fire enamel it, gave them a silicone bracelet, and then they went to Crafted Findings to learn to rivet it to the bracelet.

Laura did a great job of teaching hundreds of people, of all ages, how to enamel. It was all complimentary as well. Plus Cindy Moore demonstrated how to weave wire and use the Cindy Bender to make a bracelet!

I want to also let you know that last week I launched TonyaDavidson.com. The blog, Musings & Mullings, still resides there with the Master Muse Tutorials, but you'll also find a new ezine there, called Take Flight.

If you enjoyed the articles in this ezine covering personal growth and marketing you will want to subscribe to the Take Flight ezine as well. You'll also get our Take Flight Four Pack as a complimentary gift!

The Whole Lotta Whimsy ezine will go back to focusing on materials, tools and techniques. So you won't find any duplications if you subscribe to both. WLW ezine is a weekly mailing and the Take Flight in July will go to twice monthly.

Hope this will serve you at the highest level with all your artistic needs, by approaching the art of creating holistically!

Creative Blessings,

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New Creative Tools Arrive at Whole Lotta Whimsy

Miniature Light Bulbs (5) Anti-Tarnish Zip Bags 6"x 8" (50)
Anti-Tarnish Zip Bags 4"x 6" (50) Anti-Tarnish Zip Bags 4"x4" (50)
Anti-Tarnish Zip Bags 2.5" x 3" (50) Baldwin Patina 1oz
Violet Gilder's Paste Patina Gilder's Paste
Iris Blue Gilder's Paste Silver Color Gilder's Paste
German Silver Gilder's Paste Copper Color Gilder's Paste
African Bronze Gilder's Paste Inca Gold Gilder's Paste
Antique Gold Gilder's Paste Niobium Steel-Colored Earwires (2 pair = 4)
Niobium Bronze Earwires (2 pair =4)


Raving Fan

Mick & Susie Mamola

WLW......WholeLottaWhimsy and a WholeLottaWonderful!

Every now and then we've purchased our metal clay supplies from WLW. Of late, however, they've been making many new additions to their product line and now offer a more complete selection than ever to choose from! So take a "stroll" through their shopping link and see for yourself. You'll find the usual and necessary accessories and supplies as well as some you won't find anywhere else.

And with customer service being at the top of my list......well, you've come to the right place! Tonya and staff add that personal touch in promptly answering any questions or concerns you may have, something you don't often experience in today's world.

Fact is, Susie ( my better half ) and I will be turning to WholeLottaWhimsy more often than not for our metal clay needs.

- Mick and Susie Mamola...
Beadwytch Creations

Feature Article

Resins - Fun and Easy!

Resins have been really popular for the last couple years, but if you still haven't tried it, I'd love for you to experience the medium!

It is an easy medium, adding color and even texture to your piece. The piece above has both a pour in place technique over an old photo and the bottom has molded resin.

I took polymer and sculpted a feather element, like her headdress. I then made a mold of that using 2 Part Liquid Mold Putty. After demolding, I set the molded piece into colored resin.

I've included a pdf instruction sheet but we also have a 10 minute video of the process as well to help guide you through the process. Think of it as a complimentary $125 class!

To view the video, sign up for the Take Flight Four Pack, in the upper right hand corner of www.tonyadavidson.com. It's absolutely F*R*EE. Another $85 valued item.

You'll receive the 5 Key to Aligning Your Artistic Compass tool first, 3 days later the Resin Video and then in 3 additional days, you'll receive a 13 minute Enameling Made Easy Primer video. The Take Flight Four Pack also includes the Take Flight ezine. All complimentary!

Hope you enjoy trying something new to spark your creativity. Even if you decide not to incorporate it into your work, often trying a new technique will further your own work by allowing your brain to see things differently.

Who couldn't use a little creative jump start!

Important note: these come from Tonya Davidson not Whole Lotta Whimsy. Do not mark them as spam please! Please add @tonyadavidson.com to your address book.

Click Here to View the PDF on Resins

Click This Link (Or the Picture) to Sign Up For the Take Flight Four Pack

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