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Being Green in AZ

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Bonus Week
New Creative Tools Arrive at Whole Lotta Whimsy

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Mary Neuer Lee
"What can I say? WLW is the best!"

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What's Your Bench Look Like?

Personal Note From Tonya

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How is your summer starting off? It certainly is hot here in Tucson. Staying cool and indoors is always a plus during the summer months.

On a personal note, our compressor had a bit of a melt-down, so for 5 slightly painful days, we had no A/C. Fixed now and boy are we happy! You forget to be grateful for the expected perks, like A/C and electricity until you have none.

The Whole Lotta Whimsy warehouse has a swamp cooler. This is uncomfortable during the monsoon months as it doesn't work well with moisture. It just makes things muggy. However, my employees are troopers!

We also don't have heat at the warehouse which usually isn't an issue but this year we experienced temperatures in the 20's. Lots of cactus died in southern AZ! We managed to keep employees warm with large ceramic heater disks without needlessly heating the entire space.

We try to use as few natural resources as possible in an effort to be green and mindful of waste at Whole Lotta Whimsy. By not having an A/C unit cooling that large space, with tall ceilings, we can cut down on the amount of energy we consume.

We also try to recycle everything we can, we print receipts on thermal paper (fewer cartridges), and we use the more expensive Renatured Popcorn. This popcorn dissolves in water and is made of starch. We've had reports that some pets love them for this reason!

Also most of our instructions are online and we are trying to go to video format for most demonstrations as well.

We recently had a customer point out that this was important to them and that we should share our efforts with you all. So we hope this settles your mind about the popcorn you see in your boxes. It's much better than using the air filled plastic bags and paper for stuffing, plus we have very few shipping damages.

We try to make sure you get your things in perfect order!

Creative Blessings,

Tonya Signature


Complimentary Whimsy Bucks!

Place an order now until Sunday at 11:50pm PT over $100 and use these Whimsy Bucks!

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  • Only good toward orders placed after 5pm PT 6/24/11 and before 11:50pm PT on 05/26/11
  • Offer is not retroactive to orders placed before the above dates mentioned or to invoices due. Orders placed before 5pm 5/24/11 cannot be cancelled or changed.
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Bonus Week

Don't forget, this is the last week to sign up for the Artful Success Program if you want to take advantage of the BONUS week module: Banishing Drains!

Learn how to make time for your art, your family and your dreams. A wise Taoist philosophy is that "when you let something go from your life, something better will come in."

In this bonus week, I'm going to give you practical exercises to complete that will provide clarity in eliminating "clutter" to make room for magic in your art practice (and life!). There is no such thing as time management, but you'll be shown concrete ways to manage your self and your energy to maximize your day and your creativity.

I can't wait to work with so many wonderful artists! Together we are making dreams come true. Join us!

Bonus week is June 29th and the 8 week program starts July 6th.


New Creative Tools Arrive at Whole Lotta Whimsy

Copper Colored Solder 9+" (1 or 3) Create with Transfer Artist Paper
Miniature Light Bulbs (5) Anti-Tarnish Zip Bags 6"x 8" (50)
Anti-Tarnish Zip Bags 4"x 6" (50) Anti-Tarnish Zip Bags 4"x4" (50)
Anti-Tarnish Zip Bags 2.5" x 3" (50) Baldwin Patina 1oz
Violet Gilder's Paste Patina Gilder's Paste
Iris Blue Gilder's Paste Silver Color Gilder's Paste
German Silver Gilder's Paste Copper Color Gilder's Paste
African Bronze Gilder's Paste Inca Gold Gilder's Paste
Antique Gold Gilder's Paste Niobium Steel-Colored Earwires (2 pair = 4)
Niobium Bronze Earwires (2 pair =4)


Raving Fan

Mary Neuer Lee

What can I say? WLW is the best! Whether I need metal clay or I have questions about a kiln, they are the people I go to and they are the same people I send my students to!

My orders arrive on time with no mistakes. Anytime I have a question (whether it is about a product or an order) I can pick up the phone and talk to a live person. I love knowing that I am working with a family business and I make sure that my students know that they will be dealing with real people who care.

Thank you WLW! You run a great business and I am blessed and grateful to do business with you!!

- Mary Neuer Lee

Feature Article

What's Your Bench Look Like?

For years, I have worked on different counters and tables. They have all worked just fine.

However, I found that the more space I had, the more mess I made. The more mess I made, the less I wanted to sit down and work. I find that I just can't play if my space isn't clean. I really needed sacred space.

My metalsmithing bench is a dedicated space. It's has two torches and I had my handyman route out the top to fit a piece of granite so no more burn spots. Oh look squirrel...is not the most intelligent thing to do when torching anything!

You might see two benches in the (old) picture of my studio. I decided why shouldn't I have a dedicated metal clay work space!

Before I can play, I have to clean. I'm the type that feels like the energy stagnates and can't flow when there is clutter. However, many people cannot create unless there is controlled chaos. However, keeping a safe and clean studio is imperative for your health and safety!

It has become a mindless chore for me to clean before I start working. Which is great! Time for my brain to get into the alpha brain state because for me, it's a creativity trigger.

A trigger is a primer to unleashing the creativity. Some people read, meditate, exercise, do repetitive exercises, etc. What's your trigger?

So yes, it is clean. But I can assure you it does get use. It's always a total mess after a play session, but then before I can start it must be cleaned.

At the classes I teach, I talk about my benches. I want to share what mine looks like and what works for me. I also love to hear what works for others. If you can do one thing that makes your workspace more efficient and shaves off time, that's more profit, more time with family!

I find that the jeweler's bench works great for keeping things in one small area. My bench has become my sacred space. No papers, no calculator, computer, phone, nada. Just pure creative tools and supplies.

I have my dehydrator, task light, and various containers to hold sanding supplies, and rolling tools. The drawers are full of PMC, armatures, textures and works in progress. I've also tried all sorts of organizers, tool holders, etc.

Nothing ever seems to be quite right. Sound familiar? I love the turning tool organizer, but I can't fit it on my bench with my dehydrator. Gotta have that on my bench! It speeds up my multi-task playing between pieces. Yes, I luuvvv my dehydrator

I also love my jeweler's bench apron, which telescopes out when needed (shown) or can be stored out of the way. Fantastic for holding a multitude of things.

The trays hold my sketchbook to keep notes, a studio rag, ring making tools, my cards, etc. The shelf above that catch-all tray is full of tracing paper, saral transfer paper, and sketching supplies.

The best part of my bench is the shelf that my brilliant and handy Dad, Bill, made for me. He installed a shelf that rolls out and locks to be stationary. This is where I work all my clay. I can store my glass worksurface and black non-stick worksurface here too. Wonderful!

You can add this same shelf easily as well. Go to your local home store and buy shelf hardware. Have them cut the mdf wood to fit. Then all you need is a drill!

Well I hope you'll share your bench with me. Send me a picture and your name to support@wholelottawhimsy.com with "Bench" in the subject line.

Have a super week playing at your bench!

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