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New Creative Tools Arrive at Whole Lotta Whimsy

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"My students and I love Whole Lotta Whimsy!"

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Ring Bands Made Easy & Affordable

Personal Note From Tonya

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Hope you had a great holiday week! Are you feeling rested and invigorated? It was nice having that extra day off!

I've been watching the silver market and the fluctuating sales of silver. It went all the way up to $48.70 on the 28th of April. The low for the year was $26.68 on January 28th.

I think we are going to be sitting in the $30 range for awhile! The current market today for silver is $36.68 with gold at $1541.50.

Did you know that some of the items we sell are being sold at the $18 market. Our gold-filled items are at the $1120 market! Get em while you can!

Also when we price our silver and gold items, we price compare it to Fire Mtn Gems or Ring & Things and price it at the same price but with lesser quantities needed. I highly recommend checking out our findings first before you shop somewhere else!

Creative Blessings,

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This group of nearly 130 talented and caring artists post on a diverse number of topics from pricing, selling, display, firing issues, techniques and more.

Currently they are making Charms for Charity for the Joplin Missouri Tornado victims. They have set up a Etsy Whole Lotta Whimsy Sunday Circle Team to sell these items. Now that is expansive giving!

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New Creative Tools Arrive at Whole Lotta Whimsy

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Anti-Tarnish Zip Bags 2.5" x 3" (50) Baldwin Patina 1oz
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African Bronze Gilder's Paste Inca Gold Gilder's Paste
Antique Gold Gilder's Paste Niobium Steel-Colored Earwires (2 pair = 4)
Niobium Bronze Earwires (2 pair =4)


Raving Fan

Marnie Ehlers

My students and I love Whole Lotta Whimsy!

Tonya and her team are fast, friendly, and knowledgeable. I know when I place an order with WLW the prices are fair and it's packaged quickly, insuring my supplies are available for classes when I need them....

And speaking of supplies, they have everything metal clay artists need, want and even a few things that haven't been invented yet... (ok, that last part might be a bit of an exaggeration but not by much!)

- Marnie Ehlers
Good Muse Designs


Feature Article

Ring Bands Made Easy & Affordable

Did you know that you can make a ring band with wire which is not only more efficient, but also less expensive than metal clay. Best of all you need very few tools!

You are saving firing costs, material costs and more. However the biggest savings is your labor. Remember that labor is your highest cost especially if you are going to try and sell that creation!

If you can shave $5 off the materials and 30 minutes, or $12.50 off your labor, that is $17.50 or $35 minimum you can remove from the cost of the ring!

This tutorial is from the Master Muse(tm) Tutorial XII by Vickie Hallmark.

The entire tutorial will be available in August.

Keep your eyes on our ezine and blog for more information!

First you'll need the following tools:
- ring mandrel
- 10 gauge fine silver wire
- vise
- cardboard
- cut off disc or jeweler's saw / saw blades
- dremel or flexshaft
- jeweler's file
- chasing hammer
- chain nose pliers
- rawhide mallet

1. Wrap a length of 10 gauge fine silver wire around a ring mandrel to form the ring shank. Work hardening the silver will stretch it, so form the ring approximately 1 1/2 sizes smaller than the desired finished size. Wrap in a spiral, with subsequent wire wraps touching.


2. Support the formed spiral in a vise, protect the metal surface with cardboard on either side.


3. Cut across adjacent wire sections with a jeweler's saw or cut-off blade (on a Dremel or Flexshaft) to form a giant jump ring.


4. File rough edges away, opening the ring side to side if necessary. Do not pull open, but pull the left side toward you and the right side away from you. See the next step for an example.


5. Using the ring mandrel for support, flatten the wire cut edges with a chasing hammer to provide a larger contact area with the metal clay.


6. Bend the flattened areas up to form prongs, using chain nose pliers.


7. Flatten ring by tapping with rawhide mallet on rubber or wood surface to prevent marring.


8. File edges to same length.


9. Double check size. If necessary, use ring mandrel and rawhide mallet to reform ring. One and a half sizes smaller than desired finished size is the goal at this point.


Now you can embed this into the metal clay or solder it onto copper clay or bronze clay.

Speaking of soldering onto Copper Clay or Bronze Clay. Have you seen our super awesome Copper Colored-Soldering Sticks? A Whole Lotta Whimsy exclusive! These sticks allow you to solder and obtain the copper color so you don't have to plate or electroform the solder to match the copper.

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