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  Personal Note From Tonya
Is it really that bad?

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Sandy Reuter
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Silver Jewelry Sales up in 2010 Survey ~ Future Looks Great

Personal Note From Tonya

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Is it really that bad?

You turn on the news and all we hear is about how bad the economy is doing, how much trouble our country is in, etc. Yet everywhere I go people are spending money, eating out, traveling, etc. As a matter of fact Apple recently had record earnings so someone is buying all those expensive electronics!

We've seen a significant decrease in the amount of silver people are buying these days. So, I applaud those artists that have continued to work in the metal and I believe it's paying off for them.

Have you heard the saying that poverty is a mindset? Yes, there are situations where it is more than a mindset and there are always exceptions to the rule.

I do believe that you can accomplish what you believe. That you can come from poverty and achieve great success, fame and fortune. It's all about mindset, hard work, taking action and perseverance.

This is time for artist's to expand. Take a risk, invest in yourself, and be the one to emerge and stand out. Those that have money, which is your target market, are still buying jewelry. They will always buy jewelry, clothes, shoes. This is even what a successful gallery owner told me several years ago about her business of 22 years!

This is the time that professional artists should expand their business.

Did you know that Apple launched the iPod during the dot com crash? When other business in their industries were pulling back, they were taking that market share and growing their business.

The Nielsen, the global consumer confidence research group, is actually showing that sales are up for silver jewelry.

I actually had a customer tell me, this week, that she is having a fantastic year and has surpassed her projections. Her supplies of silver are depleted and so she just ordered 125 more packs!

Is she an exception?

Nope, here are other comments other artists posted on my Facebook today when I asked whether anyone else is having increased sales this year:

"Yes! Absolutely embrace it. My sales are up this year as well, higher prices and all - onward!"
- Kathy

"My sales are up. I surpassed last years total sales by the middle of June."
- Brenda

"I'm working diligently and experiencing my biggest July ever - and one of the best month in recent history! Education is key to adding value to one's work."
- Angela

"We are having our best year ever here at MCSJ. Long may it continue!"
- Lisa

What will you choose to do? Shrink with the artist poverty mindset or see this as the opportunity to grow and expand your art practice, taking a bigger market share?

Don't let the scare tactics of the news about the economy scare you from creating in silver. Add value to your work and combine it with the base metal clays if you just aren't sure.

Creative Blessings,

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Raving Fan

Sandy Reuter

WLW is my favorite full service go-to website for my PMC supplies and jewelry accessories.

For online shopping I always begin at WLW for their broad selection and competitive pricing. The spectacular customer service is a bonus. It's also fun to explore the website; especially the tutorials and projects.

WLW has always responded quickly to my questions via email or phone. I am a very satisfied and devoted customer.

- Sandy Reuter
Amour Bijoux

Feature Article

Silver Jewelry Sales up in 2010 Survey - Future Looks Great

Silver trends are all the rage right now in fashion magazines. Designers are blackening it, combining it with base metals (copper and brass) and even pairing it with diamonds!

Add a bit of silver to base metal designs and you can raise your price far over the value of the cost of goods difference in materials.

Although silver market price reached all time highs in 2011, the growth of silver sales is number one in the jewelry industry.

Here are a few interesting numbers:

  • the high for 2008 was in March $20.92
  • the high for 2009 was in December $19.18
  • the high for 2010 was in December $30.70
  • the high for 2011 so far was April $48.70

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