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What Can You Learn From Vegas?

New Creative Tools Arrive at Whole Lotta Whimsy

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Trina Ann
"What can I say about Whole Lotta Whimsy? Besides the fact that it's the coolest metal clay store around!"

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The Muse Personality: Elizabeth Agte

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Personal Note From Tonya

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Boy it's been a hot summer! I hope you all are staying cool and enjoying the final months of summer.

We are in Vegas on a short vacation, celebrating my mom's birthday today with my dad. She loved a good slot machine and it's a great place for us to be together celebrating her life!

She would have been 69 today but sadly passed away last year from cancer. Sharon was the behind-the-scenes key to Whole Lotta Whimsy's success. She spent hours and hours on the phone with customers, met and assisted customers at shows, and stayed late running the warehouse, making sure customers had everything they needed quickly, as if it were her own order. Never was there a harder working or caring business owner. She taught me well.

I thought this picture was funny for Vegas. Here in the land of excess and overwhelm, I think it's a commentary to remember to take things in moderation. You certainly could go overboard here where excess is key. If you've never been to Vegas it's fun, even if you don't like to gamble. It has many extraordinary things to see and do.

We are having a great time introducing it to our 15 year old. Vegas is, of course, centered around gambling, but there are so many other things to do. World-class shopping, amazing architecture, shows, golf, and gobs of interesting people.

His mind is "being blown" by the big electric signs, the incredible number of people from every imaginable country, the water show at Bellagio, the food, and the experiences. Last night we took in the Cirque du Soleil show KA. Incredibly, we got front row seats right on the "50 yard" line! It was an absolutely extraordinary show!

Some things that resonated and influenced me about Vegas:

  • I was blown away by thinking about how much money a business will spend to get your attention and hold that attention for the absolute longest period of time they can, down to every last detail

  • Fantastically detailed costume fashion can be...wow! You don't see it in the 10th, 20th or 50th row back, but being 3 feet away, I can just say wow! Hats off to the KA designers! Again, details are key!

  • An experience like a fantastic show can change your perspective and let you know that experiences like this are what life should be all about...art in motion!

  • Vegas is continuously changing to what the market wants. A good lesson for any business or country. The way it was done isn't the way it should be done in the future. Change or adapt to new methods and have solutions to create new possibilities. It's okay if it no longer works. Take a risk!

  • Think outside the box with your art. KA is so far outside the box. Taking a game like Plinko and adapting it to a human trapeze act was brilliant!

  • Include humor or an element of whimsy, the unexpected, into your work or business. It's what connects us and makes us realize life is short and should be fun!

I'd love to hear about your summer!

I hope you enjoy the fantastic Muse Personality interview with Elizabeth. Make sure to check out her site and leave her some feedback on the blog. We are going to be giving away lots of goodies every month. So leave a comment and get entered to win!

Creative Blessings,

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New Creative Tools Arrive at Whole Lotta Whimsy

Patina Basics DVD 24g Copper 3/4 Solid Gear (6)
24g Copper 3/4 Open Gear (6) 24g Copper 1 3/8" x 1 1/4" butterfly w/ ring (6)
24g Copper 1"x1/2" horiz oval w/ 2 rings (6) 24g Copper 27x18mm Leaf w/ Ring (6)
24g Copper 22x18mm Framed Circle w/ Ring (6) Nylon Jaw Deep Bending Plier
Nylon Jaw Ring Bending Plier Ferido 50g Epoxy Clay Jet
Ferido 50g Epoxy Clay Crystal Ferido 50g Epoxy Clay Sapphire
Ferido 50g Epoxy Clay Black Diamond Ferido 50g Epoxy Clay Garnet
Ferido 50g Epoxy Clay Dark Teal Ferido 50g Epoxy Clay Crystal --AB--
Ferido 50g Epoxy Clay Siam 7" 4.0mm Blk Leather Magnetic Caprice Bracelet


Raving Fan

Trina Ann

What can I say about Whole Lotta Whimsy? Besides the fact that it's the coolest metal clay store around!

Tonya, herself, is a special breed of businesswoman. She is savvy, smart, and unbelievably friendly...but she is also extremely generous, even when she doesn't have to be.

I recently had problems with a kiln I purchased and was frustrated with the response I was getting from the manufacturer. Tonya stepped in to assist, and with her help, I was able to get my kiln replaced with a properly functioning one.

The amazing thing is... I didn't even buy the kiln from Whole Lotta Whimsy! The store I purchased my kiln from would do nothing to help me out, but Tonya wanted to help resolve my issues so I could get busy creating again. I will never forget the kindness and generosity that she showed me.

If that wasn't enough, Whole Lotta Whimsy has the most spectacular selection of metal clay tools! I can sit for hours looking through all of the products they carry (and the best prices to boot!). It is my "go to" store when I need something. The only trouble is...there's always so many new and wonderful products...I can't decide what to spend my money on!

- Trina Ann
Trina Ann Jewelry

Feature Article


Photo Courtesy of Robert Diamante

The Muse Personality: Elizabeth Agte

Date started working in metal clay:

I went to the Tucson Gem show in 1998, and saw a demonstration at Rio Grande's "Catalog in Motion". Having started my career in ceramics, I was instantly riveted. This was a method of working that was in my wheel house. I went right home, ordered some PMC, called two of my artist-friends to schedule a play day and dove right in.

Accomplished at what media in addition to metal clay:

I started a ceramic studio when I graduated from college in the late 70's. By the mid 80's I moved my focus to metalsmithing and jewelry work. I especially enjoy working in mixed metals, and enamels. I joined the local lapidary club in order to learn how to cut my own stones, and I create mixed-media pieces from found objects that are my antidotes to my constrained and meticulous jewelry work.

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