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Nancy Miller
"I refer students to Whole Lotta Whimsy all the time as a great place to do business with great people."
Chris Brooks
"Whole Lotta Whimsy is my number #1 supplier."

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The Muse Personality: Wanaree Tanner

Personal Note From Tonya

Hope you are feeling rested and inspired to create amazing masterpieces for the upcoming holiday season!

I'm spending this weekend celebrating my split-apart's birthday and celebrating being an American. It's with gratitude and sorrow that I will spend private moments remembering those that lost their lives in the tragic events a decade ago.

It seems this year has been full of moments to remember and reminders that we need to stop and reflect in order to move forward. We move forward with success when we do take time to marinate on the present goodness in our lives.

I wish you all the best! As I posted on twitter today:

"Breathe in the fresh air, rejoice with the sun, smell the flowers, extend 100 smiles and gratitudes for today is the present... and a present!"

Creative Blessings,


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Raving Fan

Nancy Miller

I refer students to Whole Lotta Whimsy all the time as a great place to do business with great people.

I like knowing that they will always get the best service and that their questions are always given thoughtful consideration and clear answers.

The website is full of extra information and the blog is fun to read.

What more could you ask for?!

- Nancy Miller
Nancy Miller Jewelry Designs

Chris Brooks

Whole Lotta Whimsy is my number #1 supplier.

The extensive inventory means one stop shopping. The web site has a lot of information about products enabling good purchase decisions. Finally the service is outstanding.

They are fast, accurate and helpful.

Thank you for years of great service.

- Chris Brooks

Feature Article

The Muse Personality: Wanaree Tanner

Date started working in metal clay:

Summer of 2008...

Certified: (what clay, year and with whom)

I'm not certified, although I am, arguably, certifiable ;)

Accomplished at what media in addition to metal clay:

Illustration, painting, wood burning

Website and short bio:

For as long as I can remember I've always drawn, painted, or built something.

6 years ago my better half, Steve Rees, introduced me to a bead loom and I was hooked. 3 years later a friend and artist, Linda Lucke, pushed me to try metal clay, and suddenly a bridge was built between my passion for illustration and my fascination with jewelry making.

While I still love creating pieces that can be worn, now it feel less like making jewelry and more like creating pieces I like to call "artware." To me artware means that which can be both art and function. The piece I've included for this interview is a necklace, vessel, and incense burner, and all these different aspects of function are attempts to tell the story of a particular experience.

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