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Personal Note From Tonya

Just a quick note before the weekend arrives and before tonights big football game....

I'm wondering if you have gotten your new 2012 calendar? They certainly have many to choose from and it's a great time to get the perfect one for your studio/office.

It's time for planning! I love to get out my post it notes and strategize with the big desk size calendar. There's nothing like painting a picture or visualizing on paper where you are going and how you are going to get there.

What conferences or classes are you planning on taking next year? Did you mark your calendar for the last PMC Guild Conference in Kentucky, or SNAG in Phoenix, or The ISGB Gathering in Seattle?

My calendar is already brimming and boiling! Oh...I love it when a Halloween metaphor is so timely! I'd love to hear where you'll be in the coming months so we can connect in person. If you are taking any great classes or have taken one, let me know. I'm always up for learning a new technique, material or exploring new possibilities.

You can Connect + Collaborate + Create with me at:

  • CHA in Anaheim in January
  • Tucson Gem Show in January/Feb
    * if you are coming to Tucson, let me know!
  • SNAG in May
  • Bead and Button in Milwaukee in June
  • PMC Conference in July
  • ISGB Gathering in July

Visit me on Facebook, Twitter or of course the blog and leave me a comment. I'd love to know where you'll be!

Creative Blessings,


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Raving Fan

Marcie Dietz-Lipsett

WLW - What can I say? Whole Lotta Wonderful!

I've been a fan of WLW since I put my hands in PMC. Not only buying PMC, but every tool, gemstone, kiln product, carbon product, and organizing product that they sell!

Their prices are always competitive and the customer service is 5 star.

Recently I had a conversation with Tonya about the rising costs of PMC and she encouraged me to try Art Clay because it was less expensive then PMC. So I listened! I think that it is wonderful that WLW takes the time to talk to their customers and because of that, I will always be a loyal fan!

And those jelly beans...

- Marcie Dietz-Lipsett
B Jeweled by Marcie D

Feature Article

5 Essential Design Tools:

"Design is a mix of craft, science, storytelling, propaganda, and philosophy."

-- Erik Adigard


Simply put, design, is the arrangement of visual elements in a space. However, we know it is so much more.

Part I of the series of articles on The Art of Design:

5 Essential Design Tools:

  1. Craft Skills and Techniques
    Acquiring skills and technique takes time, investment in tools and materials, and practice. This is one of the essential foundations that can take years and thousands of hours to become a master.

    In this age of expediency and DIY, we no longer focus on education and practice but on results. This is drastically different than how artists and craftsman came to be prior to the technology age.

    Apprenticeship came about during the Middle Ages as a way for young people (10-15) to trade labor for their keep (food, lodging). Often after their apprenticeship was over they would become Journeyman, which is similar to a contractor, who would work for a Master in their employ. Then eventually they too would become Masters with time, accumulated knowledge and practice.

    Practice is essential to mastery of anything. Old Masters (painters) would paint for years before ever selling their work. I think artists sometimes forget, because of economics and the rapid pace of this world, that it is unusual to sell work without fine tuning, editing and developing their story over a long period of time.

    A lack of sales and profit can often be attributed to this lack of development. The connection to the work, the seduction of the buyer, hasn't fully formed. Developing that story and the artist's sense of self, is a process of evolution. It's okay if it takes years to develop and establish.

  2. Drawing Ability
    It isn't essential to draw perfectly to be an artist. Having owned 2 paint your own pottery studios, I was told by 99.9% of all adults "I can't draw, (therefore) I'm not an artist."

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