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Personal Note From Tonya

Happy 11.11.11!

I hope this finds you all enjoying a blessed day. It's a day to celebrate and honor those that have given up so much for our freedom. It's also a day many believe is magical. It might even be lucky too!

I'm feeling pretty darn luck myself. Not only for the big things in life like getting to do what I love, being loved by 3 amazing men and getting to love them back, for my health, my furry bundles of joy, but also for the little things in life.

Among those little things is my 16 year old and his team's hard earned win last night in the second round of the state playoff game last night. So as the "team mom" I get to shower my love and encouragement on 42 other young men for another week. What could be better than that!

I'm sure many of you are not football fans (and might be sick of me mentioning football), but I'm sure you can relate to watching something you nurture, like a child, work so hard for his dream, and see that dream prosper and grow. We all have dreams and we should spend time celebrating all the big and little things in life that we love.

Thanks to you all for reading the ezine and for being part of this amazing creative community. I chose today, to start a 30 Day Abundance Challenge. Are you in?

Pledge yourself to this challenge by leaving me a comment on the blog, joining us on Facebook, or Twitter. Then please share it with your friends!

Creative Blessings,


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Raving Fan

Sue McNenly

Many people who know my work know that most of it incorporates the use of photopolymer printing plates. I design an image or text on Adobe Illustrator, then using a UV light, I expose the image onto a photopolymer plate, essentially making my own mold.

I have used 100's of plates in the past... plastic backed, metal backed, shallow, deep, etc and BY FAR the best product IMHO is the metal backed plates sold by Tonya Davidson at Whole Lotta Whimsy. And, she is such an awesome supplier that she now sells them in larger sheets so you can save some money and cut your own. I go through 100's of these, so this has been a huge help.

For years I used the plastic backed plates. They are great and cost-effective, but no matter how you store them, they will eventually bend and crack.

I then purchased a bunch of metal backed ones from Boxcar Press. These were great, nice and flat, but for some reason they just aren't as much of a pleasure to work with as Tonya's... more difficult to wash away, etc. Tonya's are quick, and will hold incredibly fine lines.

I have heard people say you can't go below 1pt with text, but I have made a plate with a .25 pt line and it was breezy and easy (Cover Girl? :))

- Sue McNenly
Sue McNenly Designs

Feature Article

4 Stages of the Design Process

"Form follows function - that has been misunderstood. Form and function should be one, joined in a spiritual union."

~ Frank Lloyd Wright

Part II of the series of articles on The Art of Design:

4 Stages of the Design Process:

  1. Ask All the Questions

    Artists come up with lots of great designs. However, when designing a piece the engineering or functionality of the piece should be well thought out prior to starting with the actual material.

    Of course if the piece doesn't need to be functional, well that's entirely another design consideration. Consider how is it going to hang, is the hole in the right area to provide balance, does the piece have symmetry or are you trying to provoke emotion with 3 elements, can it take wear and tear, are the materials suitable, etc.

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