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Personal Note From Tonya


Are you busy cleaning house, cooking your turkey and entremets?  Oh...I'm looking forward to the smells, tastes, merriment, and of course football ;-)

Hopefully you are taking the time to be present.  To enjoy your bountiful blessings.  When my mom passed unexpectedly last year, I began to realize that just watching the sun come up and go down was a blessing of such magnitude that I had never fully appreciated.

I wish for you to breathe, smile and fully enjoy your abundant blessings, today and always.

Speaking of blessings....I want to share with you an angel project so close to my heart.  I've spent the last 14+ weeks as the "team mom" to an amazing group of young men, including my own son. 

During this time we came to realize that we have a family in need in our very inner circle.  A family so kind, courteous and loving in a way that most are not. 

Imagine a family that gives smiles and hugs without reserve, a family that has nothing negative to say and one that is always counting their blessings, even when it seems they have none.   A family you would never know needed help because they were so used to giving.

This family, like many of us, were doing just fine.  Then they lost their way of income/job, moved to take a promised job which then vaporized after moving.  Consequently they lost everything.  Everything.

They are also caring for an elderly bed-ridden grandma with immediate medical needs.  This family has 7 hungry mouths with no medical care, no money, and no things.  No essentials that we all take for granted.

Until recently, the two youngest boys were sleeping on the floor with their older brother.  Thankfully two twin beds have been donated, but the oldest is still seeking a bed. They have many needs but nothing like an xbox or tv.  The youngest asked for chapstick and socks.  They need essentials not extravagances.

The father is now working, but it's minimum wage and it's hard to catch up and feed that many mouths, no matter how many hours you work.  They are trying to be a productive part of society and now they just need a break.  The type of kindness that real angels can provide.

So the parents of the team have decided to put together an Angel Project.  We are digging deep in our own pockets and inviting others to help outfit their tummies, home, and minds with the love of strangers generosity as they did in the past when they paid it forward.

I know this family.  I know these beautifully kind and loving children.  If you want to help, email me.  Together we can make a difference with a real family. 

I reach out to you, because I know you all are part of my tribe.  Artists are full of goodness and love.  We create art, we create beauty, we create love!

I wish you all only the best, always.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart for inviting me into your email inbox and your lives.  You are one of my blessings and I give thanks for all of you!

Creative Blessings,

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Delia Marsellos Traister

My experience with the humans that make up Whole Lotta Whimsy has been phenomenal.

Website ordering is easy and I love being able to add a note. The email I get telling me about my shipment is super helpful. Everyone I've talked to is pleasant, helpful and patient.

I enjoy the product descriptions and the instructions and find myself referring back all the time. Tonya's Newsletter is so cool and Master Muse has been fun to play with.

I even got an email reminding me to use my Whimsy Bucks!

My experiences with WLW have helped me as an artist and as a teacher... to grow and prosper. Thank you!

- Delia Marsellos Traister
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Feature Article


Five Ways to Make Gratitude a Part of Your Everyday Life

Note: Part III of The Art of Design is being temporarily delayed for this special Thanksgiving article.

"When you are grateful, fear disappears and abundance appears." ~ Anthony Robbins

I love Thanksgiving.  Not the one day a year we proclaim it, but the act of giving thanks hourly, daily, etc.  In fact I believe it's why my life is so abundant and joyful.

Vocalizing my gratitude for even the simplest things in life was not something I practiced until a few years ago.  Boy when I did, my life got even better!  I believe prosperity is a birthright.  That we just need to practice this and live it each day.

You have the ability to determine how full your heart will be, how prosperous and abundant your life can be.  My heart is full.  I give thanks to all of you.

  1. A Gratitude Bowl

    Pick a beautiful bowl in a central part of your home that can be used as a receptacle. Cut up small pieces of paper and place near the bowl with a pen. Every time you walk by it, write down something you are grateful for.

    It's a snowball effect. The more gratitude you express the more aware of other blessings you will become. Then more blessings will come as you are attracting them with your gratitude vibrations.

    When the bowl is full, make an offering if you'd like, by burning them in the fireplace. This way you make room for more blessings.

  2. Carry a Tiny Notebook
    Jot down any idea, thought, quote or creative spark that comes your way throughout the day. As you open yourself and become receptive to blessings, more and more will come. Give thanks as you write these ideas and thoughts down and acknowledge their presence in your life.

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