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Personal Note

"Ultimately no one will remember the car you drove, the clothes you wore, or whether that piece of art you created was perfect. They forever will remember your joyful smile, your charisma, your eccentric characteristics and how you made them feel."
  ~ Tonya

Happy Holidays! HOHOHO just 9 days to go ;-)

It's fun when you get to take a little time to do something that refills your well. I was fortunate that I got to do just that this past weekend.

I have a group of really wonderful friends who, with our metal mentor, meet to play and tighten up our jewelry-making skills. We forged necklace collars, bracelets, made a button clasp, and worked on hinges!

I came back to work Monday refreshed and grateful for the company and experience. Did I have the time to really take this mini-vacation? Was it the opportune week in this holiday month to take two days of play just for me?

No, but I can tell you that life is awfully short. You don't know how many more tomorrows there will be or opportunities to play. So my new motto for 2012 is "play well and be present." I'm going to diligently work on playing more and being present while enjoying those moments so that I can joyfully serve others later.

When we are busy running around doing shows, taking care of business, making art to sell, buying Christmas gifts, making gifts, and cooking, it can be overwhelming. We lose site of just being present to the moment and taking in all that goodness of what life has to offer. Then one day you look back wondering what happened over that time period.

If you are experiencing resistance and overwhelm, or things just don't feel good, take a second to ask yourself:

  1. Is this absolutely necessary for you to do or buy. Will you love it forever?
  2. Would your social life or business suffer if you didn't go to that party instead of spending time nesting with your family?
  3. Can you say "heck yes" when you ask yourself if you want to do that task/obligation or need to buy that thing? Otherwise it should be a "heck no".
  4. Does it make you feel good and is there a high level of ROI (return on investment) for you do to that task, go to that party, eat that item, etc?

Divine intervention is giving you the opportunity to make a new decision instead of doing what you've always done in these situations. That's why we feel icky. My friend calls it "listening to her gut."

Don't give in just because it's what you've always done. Try doing only the things that make you happy, get you further to your goal, or bring you high ROI.

I wish for you all 9 more amazing holiday days! Take a few moments each day to breathe in joy. Then take a moment to expel gratitude and happiness!

Creative Blessings,

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Holiday Closures: UPS/USPS shipping dates

We will be closed the following business dates:
Monday December 26th. UPS will not be delivering or picking up on this date.
Thursday December 29th for inventory
Friday December 30th for inventory
Monday January 2nd. UPS will not be delivering or picking up on this date.

Please plan accordingly for your shipments both for delays in transit and when it will be able to leave the warehouse. We can still get you things for Christmas but you may need to do rush shipping service via 3day or 2day UPS.

Shipments going out on Tuesday January 3rd will be filled as they were received during the holiday and shipped as soon as possible. Shipments could possibly be delayed 1-2 extra days.

Kiln & UPS Price Increases:

Please keep in mind that Paragon raises it's prices each year the first week of January.
If you want to save money on a kiln purchase it would benefit you to do this prior to January 13th, noon MT.

UPS is raising their rates January 3rd by 4-6% so you will see your shipping costs increasing as well on all shipments.


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We are cleaning up the warehouse in anticipation of year-end inventory. Plus January is the month that new items are released by most manufacturers.

We want to make room to be able to carry hot new cutting-edge tools for our customers. So we are clearancing out items we can no longer get from manufacturers and items we are overstocked on. These are not seconds and there is no damages to them! Perfectly new!

We will be adding new items to the Clearance Section daily over the next 45 days. We recommend you check back often because there are going to be some great deals there to take advantage of as well!

Fulfillment tip: when placing your order, select "out of stock notification" if you want to be notified whether the items were still in stock by the time your order was filled.

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Raving Fan
Vlad & Kremena

2010 was an exciting year for us after winning the 3rd place prize for "Handmade Buttons or Beads" in the Bead Dreams competition. You can only imagine how happy we were again this year when we got a notice from the Bead & Button magazine editor, letting us know we had won again - both 1st and 3rd prize!

In June of 2011, we exhibited for the first time at the Bead & Button show in Milwaukee, WI. The display at the entrance with the Bead Dreams winners (including us) did a great job of attracting more customers to our booth!

All of this was made possible because of Tonya Davidson from Whole Lotta Whimsy.

She is the sponsor for the "Handmade Bead or Button" category. Because of her, ceramic bead artists are given a chance to have their voices heard in this competition!

- Vlad & Kremena
Golem Design Studio


New Creative Tools Arrive at Whole Lotta Whimsy

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Feature Article

6 Fantastic Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Classroom Experience

I've taken a lot of classes over the past 15 years, studying under some of the most talented and creative artists (read their names by clicking here)

I know that I may not be able to practice what I learn right away, so taking good notes is imperative. I'm often asked in class about my tools that help me take expert notes. I'm happy to share them with you and share with you my tips for learning the most you can.

  1. Research the technique prior to the class.
    I spend a bit of time before the class reading the books in my library and watching DVD's on the technique. This enables me to think of questions I might have that I can ask the instructor about while they are doing that process.

  2. Take notice of their hands, tools used, and setup of the technique.

Click here to read the rest of this article!

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