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Personal Note

Tucson Gem Show - Bright Shiny Objects!

I've really been enjoying this year's gem show. Lots of great energy, great selection of vendors and new materials. Best of all, these are some of the lowest prices I've seen in years for such beautiful jewelry components!

On Tuesday I had the great pleasure of shopping at the GJX show and being the very first customer at Gary Wilson's booth. I got some fantastic cabs. Don Olson had some great cabs and I picked up some garnet drusy. Ooohh...can't wait to use that in a piece.

Then onto the To Bead True Blue show. Loved seeing my friends and their new work. The show had by far the best energy so far. You could just feel people creating things in the ether out of their vivid imaginations. I even found a piece "I have to have" commissioned in my colors from Louise Little.

Wednesday, I attended the Whole Bead Show where I had fun chatting with Andrea Guarino-Slemmons and Slyvie Lansdowne. If you haven't visited her hilarious " hey girl " Beaded Laughter Blog you should bookmark that and check it out!

Yesterday I started off the day with the amazing company of 4 of my Artful Success clients enjoying a great breakfast and hearing about the progress with their businesses. Here's what Sally Hoffman posted on Facebook:

I then went and had a blast at the Gem Mall! Yep, the entire day was spent there. I got too many amazing things (turquoise, elk tips, elk horn beads, a Buddha brass head, and lots more goodies).

Today I'm off to the Best Bead Show and Holidome. Can't wait to see what nuggets I find...jewelry components, materials and connections.

What are you doing today to create + connect + collaborate?

Creative Blessings,

PS - Be sure to check out my F.R.E.E. videos offer below. My gift to you from www.ArtfulSuccess.com.

Here's what customer Suzanne McNenly wrote to me yesterday about them:

"Hi Tonya. Just got 'gift #2' from WLW...what a treat:) Thanks for being so giving with all of your info."

Don't Miss Out

As you know, 1st quarter 2012 are great months to pick up a deal. In the nearly 10 years we've been in business, we've never had a clearance sale like we are having in 2012.

We are whittling down our inventory so that we can make room for the new cutting edge tools that manufacturers release at the beginning of the year at shows like CHA and Tucson Gem Show. New tools start arriving in March and we need room!

So get them while they last! These are not seconds and there are no damages. Many of them are discontinued items by mfgs so you can't get them anymore either! Good finds at unbeatable prices... often for less than we paid for them!

I'm trying to add new items every day so you'll want to check back often to see what's been added, at least once a week.

Fulfillment tip: when placing your order, select "out of stock notification" if you want to be notified whether the items were still in stock by the time your order was filled. Otherwise we might ship you less items than you expected depending on availability.

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News From Tonya

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New Creative Tools Arrive at Whole Lotta Whimsy

Hadar's Flexible Clay Now Available

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Raving Fan
Nilma Hunter

Whole Lotta Whimsy has been my supplier for 3 years. The designer prices make it possible for me to have a higher margin of profit, not to mention the Whimsy Bucks Rewards I receive every year.

Tonya is extremely helpful with tips and quickly answers any questions or doubts I have. I highly recommend WLW!

Thank you Whole Lotta Whimsy,

- Nilma Hunter
Nilma Hunter Creations


Feature Article

5 Important Considerations for Great Design

"Design is an opportunity to continue telling the story, not just to sum everything up."

~ Tate Linden

Did you happen to catch the first 2 parts of my the Art of Design article series?

4 Stages of the Design Process and 5 Essential Design Tools

I covered:

  • Craft Skills and Techniques
  • Drawing Ability
  • Sketchbooks
  • Idea/Inspiration Notebooks
  • Sample Journal
  • Asking all the questions
  • Thinking Laterally
  • Consider the Elements
  • Apply the Design Development

Part 3 of the series of articles on the Art of Design:

5 Important Considerations for Great Design:

  1. Inspiration
    Now let's talk about inspiration. It can come from many things, people, experiences, etc. Journaling will help identify these sources of inspiration. Once we've identified the inspiration, we need to analyze it. Why does it inspire you? What moves you about it and creates a reaction? Is it an emotion, a feeling, a reaction (need to touch), etc?

    What's the story?

  2. Clearly Defined Concept

Click here to read the rest of this article!

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