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Encore Class:
The Profitable Artist:
5 Essential Ingredient to Being Successful

Whether you're a writer, painter, sculptor, or jewelry artist, you probably struggle with overwhelm. I bet no matter what you try you just can't seem to grow your profits. I know it's not for a lack of trying! Artists wear a lot of hats and juggle a lot of responsibility.

There are millions of artists creating amazing things, yet with changing times, the traditional ways of reaching customers are no longer the most effective. How can you create great work, get your name and work in front of buyers, all while finding some balance in your life?

On March 3rd, 2012, I'm offering a one time only encore for my complimentary online class, "The Profitable Artist: 5 Essential Ingredients to Being Successful."  It was a raving hit with attendees on Tuesday.  So many asked me to offer it again, so I thought, sure why not.  I want to share my gifts with you!

In Tonya's content-loaded free class she'll share:

  • How to connect your creative soul with savvy business brilliance for heart-centered profits in a fun and purposeful way.
  • Proven strategies for finding your perfect customer and gaining clarity of voice for your work. This allows you to play a bigger game sharing your gifts with the world.
  • Ways to avoid costly and time consuming pitfalls that can lead to negativity, self-sabotage and keep you stuck for years.
  • Habits and systems to put in place that will increase your productivity. What would it be like to give yourself more time to spend with family and on self-care? Kick overwhelm out of your studio and enjoy your business.
  • Success begins and ends with marketing. Setting your prices, branding, venues for selling and selling techniques are all marketing skills. Learn how to truly connect with your customer in a passionate heart-centered way.

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Raving Fan
Mary Neuer Lee

What can I say? WLW is the best! Whether I need metal clay or I have questions about a kiln, they are the people I go to and they are the same people I send my students to!

My orders arrive on time with no mistakes. Anytime I have a question (whether it is about a product or an order) I can pick up the phone and talk to a live person. I love knowing that I am working with a family business and I make sure that my students know that they will be dealing with real people who care.

Thank you WLW! You run a great business and I am blessed and grateful to do business with you!!

- Mary Neuer Lee


Feature Article

The Muse Personality: Jonna Faulkner

Date started working in metal clay:


Certified: (what clay, year and with whom)

January 2000, Art Clay Silver Level 1 with MaryAnn Devos August 2000, Art Clay Silver Senior with MaryAnn Devos January 2005, Rio Rewards PMC certification with CeCe Wire

Accomplished at what media in addition to metal clay:

I've been on a learning path for metalsmithing with my mentor Deb Jemmott since 2000. I met Deb in my first Art Clay Silver Certification workshop. I love combining the two approaches to metal. I expect I'll be taking classes with Deb until the day I die because there is so much to learn.

This is a great comfort because I know I'll never be bored!

Website and short bio:

I come from a family of makers who also love to read. For a very long time, I thought I'd become a novelist but I just couldn't get past the loneliness of the blank page.

In 1994, a dear friend took me to a class where students were taught how to make Victorian drawstring purses. I also learned to delight in the process of making with my hands in that class.

What a gift!

I explored a variety of media before being captured by metal clay. Through metal clay, I've learned that I love teaching, that being alone in the studio is never lonely, and that being in community with others who are passionate about creativity is extremely important to me.

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