Place the PMC+ Sheet in your punch upside down. This allows you to see and use the minimum amount of your sheet. Punch shapes. Torch fire (as shown in How to Use a Large Punch Tutorial) or kiln fire the shapes.


After you have fired the dragonfly or whatever shape you have selected, allow it to cool. Using tweezers and a small brush, apply PMC3 paste as quickly as possible to the back side of your shape.


Quickly apply the punched out shape to the bead and press down firmly. Remove your fingers from the center of the shape. Now using your fingers make sure everything is attached to the surface of the bead.


After your attachment has completely dried, you'll need to clean off the paste that smudged out the sides and into the negative areas. Then remember you can let the water dehydrate and scrape out those scraps to add to your scrapes jar. Fire again 1650° for 10 minutes. You can tumble these beads for one hour in the tumbler to shine up the silver. Simply place a chenille stem through the bead, curl the ends and throw in the tumbler. Or you can also finish these by hand with a burnisher or rotary polishing points.