Tools and materials you will need for this project


Step 1
You need a kid.
This one is 7 years old and it's his first project with PMC.
Step 5
Punch hole for jump ring
Collect different size straws. This is a coffee stir straw.

NOTE:I now prefer to make the holes after the piece is bone-dry with a wet drill bit in a pin vise.
Step 2
Roll out the clay
The slat boards keep it 1mm thick for strength.
Step 6
Stamp a design
Press stamp into clay or use a stylus to create your own design
Step 3
Cut out a round pendant shape
Using "cookie" cutter/pattern cutters/canap´┐Ż cutters
Step 7
Nudge and perfect edges while it is still workable
Using either a stylus for dimpled edges or a palette knife perfect edges as much as possible (will be even more perfected later with sanding board)
Step 4
Trim excess clay from around pendant
This will also lift off of surface or can be scraped off into saran wrap to keep moist
Step 8
Sand bottom of pendant

Gently rub charm back and forth on sanding board to perfect and make edges nice (will produce a higher shine finish after tumbling).

Don't forget to sand the edges also. Skip if you've made you edges dimpled with stylus, except to remove jagged edges (after shrinkage edges are more pronounced)

Step 9
Apply clay from syringe to other side of pendant
A bit difficult for anyone of any age, but even squiggles that happen on their own are delightful after firing