Place the PMC+ Sheet in the punch. Look at each edge and then slide it in so you are using the minimum amount.

Using the punch upside down will allow you to make the most of your PMC. Press down to complete the punching process. Do not toss the remnants. You can either fire these and then use them as texture in future pieces or you can add them to your scraps jar and make paste out of them.


Cut off the remaining edges. Trim to fit on the bead.


Torch or kiln fire your punched out shape. If you torch fire, watch your heat. The sheet is so thin, you can quickly melt it out. If this happens, remember you can always make casting grains out of the sheet, by continuing to heat it til the silver balls up on itself. Don't forget to quench or air cool before handling these shapes!


Once the shape has been pre-fired, place it on your bead, pressing to shape it to the form/bead.

This will make the attachment process easier. This is being applied to a Bead Blank™ which has been previously glazed and fired.


Using tweezers hold you shape upside down while applying PMC3 paste very quickly to the backside. Think of the PMC3 as your glue.


Quickly press the shape down onto the bead and release. If it comes off, it is because either the PMC3 paste stuck to your finger, you didn't have enough paste on the attachment, or you applied it too slowly and it dried before it could work like glue. Allow it to dry and then clean and fire your bead as shown in the Dragonfly Punch Project Tutorial.