Hours of Operation

Whole Lotta Whimsy will be closing on September 11th, 2012.

The website is always open to take your online orders. We are available to answer the phones Monday-Wednesday and Friday 8:30am to 12:30pm Pacific Time Zone except on major holidays and dates noted in our News section.


Orders must be picked up within 1 day of receiving notification that your order is prepared to be picked up unless prior arrangements are made.

If you will need more time, let us know in the comments section of your order.

We are open for local pickups by appointment only. Please do place your order online prior to coming to WLW. We do answer emails 7 days a week and on Sundays we are busy packing orders for Monday's shipment so your goodies can be delivered as quickly as possible.

For pickup orders, please be prepared to pay with check or cash only when you pick up your order.

Pick up orders need to be paid with cash or check. If your order is over $25.00 you may pay by credit card, but you will need to bring your credit card to have it swiped. Your credit card entered online is NOT processed. Please bring these necessary items with you when you pick up. Additionally, if you are having someone else pick up your order, you will need to email us a note giving permission and the name of the person picking up your order. Thank you.

If you are tax exempt, please go to the Register and fill out all necessary tax information. You'll need to bring with you a tax license and a copy of the filled out 5000A form (found on the registration page). We do not have shopping at the warehouse. It is for pickups only. You may put in your order as many items as you'd like to peruse upon arrival. You will only be charged for the items you decide to take. Please bring credit card, check or cash to complete your pickup order. Pickups are Mon-Fri 9am to 12:30pm but can often be arranged via appointment for those days until 2:30pm.

Canceling Orders

  • No cancellations can be made to your order

Returns and Damaged Shipments

All Sales Are Final

Once purchased, no returns, exchanges, cancellations or alterations can be made to your order.
All items are first-come, first-serve. Just because you put items into your cart and they are placed in your order does not mean that we will have those items still in stock by the time we process the orders. We process orders in the order they are received.

All damaged shipments and defective items must be reported within 7 days of receipt to start the claim process. Please keep all packing contents, including the box, if there is an issue.

You must contact WLW prior to shipping back your return to receive a return authorization. You can do this by via email to support@wholelottawhimsy.com.

Privacy Policy

All information you give us on this site is transmitted securely and is not shared with any others or used for any other purpose than your order. No credit information is sent over the internet. We value your business and your privacy!


Payment can be made through our secure server with your MasterCard or Visa.


Shipping Time

Orders are shipped as soon as they can be pulled, boxed and processed.  Due to high quantities of orders at this time, orders will not ship out same day as they usually were from Whole Lotta Whimsy.

 Please note: Orders are shipped as soon as possible with orders that come in first being given highest priority. 

Minimum Orders

We currently have a Minimum Order Amount of: $25.00.

The minimum for all wholesale accounts is $75.00.
If you are a wholesale customer and would like to place an order for less than the minimum, all you have to do is logoff your account and place your order that way.  You will be charged at retail pricing.

Wholesale Orders

We offer several levels of discounts to Designers, Stores, International and Certified Artisans.

Please go to Register in the upper right corner to complete the registration process.

Once you have logged in, the My Account section will give you access to your previous orders and your personal account information for easy reference and quick re-orders.

Shipping Discounts - Retail Customers Only

There are no shipping discounts.

Overseas & International Orders

We ship orders to overseas addresses via USPS unless you request otherwise. Keep in mind that if the order is shipped UPS it will delay the shipment by one day and you will pay a customs brokerage fee that is imposed by UPS. This fee is in addition to the customs fee. This usually makes USPS a better deal for our customers.

Standard Shipping Option

When your order is received, we pull it, weigh it, and email you your shipping options and costs, unless you select "Standard Shipping". For the "Standard Shipping" option your order will be shipped out quicker and sent to you USPS Global Priority insured. You will NOT receive a shipping quote for the "Standard Shipping" option. Your order is processed immediately and shipped out without a shipping quote sent to you.

International Shipping Quote Option

If you chose "International Shipping Quote" then we will weigh and determine shipping cost; as soon as you approve your shipping cost and option, we will process the order. So, please do check your email frequently after placing the order. If we do not hear from you within 3 business days, we will cancel your order. If you choose to have it reprocessed a $10 handling fee will apply.

A small handling fee is added to the order. This fee ranges from $2.75 minimum to $20 depending on the order total. It is included in your shipping quote. Please do not ask us to remove items from the shipment as it takes considerable time to prepare international orders. If you need to add something to the order, we can accommodate you one time.

Customs can take 2-20 days to clear. We have no control over that issue. Most countries are quick. We do our best to provide the proper documentation for customs to speed up the clearance process. Orders that contain stones or PMC cannot be shipped USPS Express, they must go International Global Priority or International First Class (which cannot be insured). Please do not put Art Clay on your international orders unless you are in Canada or South America. This will delay your order.

If there is a damaged item, and your order is insured, after we have settled the claim, a credit will be placed on file, good for one year from date of order, for you to redeem. If we made an error with an item in your order, with international orders, replacements will not be shipped. A credit will be given on file good toward a future order for that item or the value of that item. You will need to provide proof of damage and proof of the error. Our international orders are checked 3 times by two separate staff to make sure there are absolutely no errors.

Please note that your order may, and probably will have custom charges. Every country is different. We are not assessing this charge. When you import an item into your country, they do often charge a customs fee or tax. We cannot mark it as a gift, since it is not. We are a business and therefore it is marked as a commercial sample. You should check with your local customs office to find out what the charges would be prior to placing the order with us. You must pay these charges in order to receive your package. If you do not pay these charges, your package will be returned to us. You will need to pay to have it shipped again and pay for the return shipping fee. We do not do refunds. USPS is now charging a return fee as well. So you'll end up paying 2 extra shipping charges which often are more than the cost of the contents. We advise marking your calendar 5-14 days from shipment. Be prepared for your country's delivery service to contact you for payment on these charges, so they do not return your shipment to us.

Shipping Options

WLW ships UPS and USPS.  We ship out UPS packages Monday through Wednesday and Friday.  USPS packages will only be shipped Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  No USPS packages will be shipped on Tuesdays and no USPS or UPS will be shipped on Thursdays.

We pull, pack, and weigh each order to determine the most cost efficient route for our customers. We want to make sure you get a great deal! If you have a preference, please put this in the comment section of the order form. If you require a shipping option quote, prior to shipping, please also put this in the comments section of the order form. We will notify you within one business day. Please keep in mind that this will delay your shipping as we wait for your approval.

Currently WLW does not use a shipping estimator as they usually estimate on the high side. We want to save the customer as much money as possible, and even though it takes us longer and requires more labor to process shipments this method, it is the fairest to the customer.

UPS shipments are guaranteed by UPS. We ship ground, which can take 1-5 business days, 2nd day or 3 day. The shipping day, holidays, and weekends are not including the actual shipping time quoted or selected. If it does not arrive on time UPS we will credit WLW the shipping fees, less the $2 handling fee that is applied to each order. This credit will be available on file at WLW for a future order. Please check UPS's shipping policies to see what exclusions they have with their guarantee at www.ups.com. Their shipments are trackable and that code will be provided to you via email when your order is shipped.

USPS shipments are not trackable and can take 4-11 days to arrive. Priority takes 2-5 days and is not guaranteed, refundable, or trackable. However, USPS Express does deliver usually overnight (some cities can take 2 days), and is refundable, guaranteed and trackable. It is more cost effective than UPS Express.

Please keep in mind once the items are charged to your credit card or shipped to you, the title of that property now belongs to you. If your package has damaged items, has been rifled through, is lost or stolen there is no recourse.

WLW will assist you in every way possible with lost packages.

The USPS requires 30 days before they will start a tracer on insurance claims.  USPS Claims do NOT cover the cost of shipping even if the package is deemed lost.  Insurance only covers the cost of the items being shipped. Insurance claims can take up to 6 weeks after the 30 day process. 

UPS will start a search immediately and insurance claims are refunded quickly. Please make absolutely sure that your address is correct as insurance is not applicable to packages shipped to the incorrect address. We highly recommend that if your package does not show up the day of the expected arrival that you alert WLW so that we can start gathering all possible information to assist you with a speedy recovery.

For damaged items shipped USPS please retain ALL damaged items until the settlement of the claim.

Please Note

There are items that can only be shipped UPS ground. They cannot be shipped internationally. Shipping for kilns is usually 1-2 weeks, but can take up to 4 weeks. If you require an ETA, please let us know. Most kilns are in stock and ship same day ordered.

ORM-D - Hazardous Materials

Items that we offer for sale that are classified as ORM-D Consumer Commodities are denoted by the special symbol:

How we ship orders that include ORM-D Consumer Commodities.

If your order contains ORM-D consumer commodities mixed in with other items, the entire shipment will be made via UPS Ground to destinations in the U.S.  ORM-D commodities cannot be shipped to Canada and the U.S. Territories. Since the U.S. Postal Service considers Priority Mail as air, ORM-D commodities cannot be shipped via the Postal Service.

Since we do not make split shipments, we recommend that you place all ORM-D consumer commodity items on a separate order to ensure faster shipping of your other items.

I've seen other companies ship ORM-D items by air, why don't you?

In order to ship items considered to be hazardous materials by air, including ORM-D Consumer Commodity items, the shipper must be licensed as a hazardous materials shipper, with special on-going staff training in the shipping of hazardous materials.  Most companies, ourselves included, do not have a hazardous materials shipping license.  While some companies choose to risk consumer safety by not complying with the requirement, we are committed to the safety of our carriers and the public at large.  Additionally, fines can exceed $100,000 per incident. Liability can be civil or criminal and personal or corporate in nature.

What does the ORM-D Designation Mean?

ORM-D is a designation assigned by the U.S. Department of transportation to note a small amount of material that can be considered a hazardous substance, but packaged in a form intended or suitable for retail sale.  Often, the material may be mildly hazardous, but when combined with other hazardous substances, it may represent a significant risk. A simple example is a can of compressed air.  Often when cans of compressed air are shipped by airplane, because of the reduced atmospheric pressure resulting from flying at high altitudes, the can of compressed air will explode.  While an exploding can of compressed air may not present a significant danger in itself, it can pose a great danger if it explodes in proximity to other volatile products.

Why can't ORM-D items ship by air and only ship by surface?

Due to the potential for a catastrophic event as a result of pressures at high altitudes, and the fact that some air shipments travel in cargo holds of planes that also carry passengers, the U.S. Department of Transportation bans the shipment of any hazardous materials, including ORM-D Consumer Commodities from traveling any way other than surface transportation (truck, train or cargo ship).

Will you ship ORM-D items to non-U.S. Destinations?

No. Since USPS Priority Mail and UPS all carry international shipments as air freight, ORM-D items cannot be shipped outside of the U.S.

Typographical Errors

In the event that a Whole Lotta Whimsy product is mistakenly listed at an incorrect price, Whole Lotta Whimsy reserves the right to refuse or cancel any orders placed for product listed at the incorrect price. Whole Lotta Whimsy reserves the right to refuse or cancel any such orders whether or not the order has been confirmed and your credit card charged. If your credit card has already been charged for the purchase and your order is cancelled, Whole Lotta Whimsy shall issue a credit to your credit card account in the amount of the incorrect price.

Thanks for your interest in our products. We welcome feedback and happily give customer support. Simply contact us at support@wholelottawhimsy.com.