If you are a Certified Artisan ordering 100 or more combined packages of PMC, please let us know. We have additional discounts available. However, we do not recommend stocking up on product unless you can use it within the next 6-9 months. Please email us to inquire about these special prices.

PMC is priced based on the silver market.  Once your cart is received or your phone order placed, the prices are locked in at that price.  We do ship 99.9% of all orders received during the week, the same day, if received by noon PT.  Orders placed after business hours are shipped the following business day.

Art Clay 650 and 650 Slow Dry are compatible with PMC+ and PMC3.  All 4 products can be mixed together if fired to the hotter temperature, 1650 for a minimum of 10 minutes.  Do not mix anything with PMC Standard.  If you need to fire to the lower temperatures, then 650, 650 Slow Dry and PMC3 are compatible.