Fabulous colors available in kits, 1/2 oz and 1oz containers. These enamels are 80 mesh Thompson Enamels for silver (PMC or Art Clay), copper, gold, and low carbon steel. They are medium temperature and medium expansion lead free colors. The Fusemaster enamels are also lead-free and approximately 480 mesh.

We have enamels for soft glass, 104 COE (moretti glass). Great prices and all the colors. Don't forget to check out the great kits we've put together for enameling.  Many of these are in the Closeout section.  Get the good deal now before they are gone.

We've just added high temperature-medium expansion enamels for stained glass and hot glass blowing. These are suitable for Bullseye and Spectrum glass (90COE). They are fired a bit hotter, 1550 to 1650F.

Don't forget to check out the firing equipment for enameling on the Firing and Torch Supplies page and the Tools page.

The enamels do not include instructions. Enameling is a bit more complicated than a small pamphlet can do justice. Please consider purchasing The Art of Enameling by Darty for complete step by step instructions. This is an excellent book for the beginner and for those artists that are learn by visual direction.