Photopolymer Tutorial

We have great tutorials! The Photopolymer Plates tutorial will show you how to use the Photopolymer Plates, Thermal Negative Film, Developing Spray and Cotton Wipes. This is a great end-to-end description of how to get great results using the Photopolymer Plates to create your own unique textures!  Still confused on the TNF and it's uses?  Visit my blog where I did an entire post regarding improving your results with TNF.

The TNF and Developing Spray has been d/c by mfg and is available no where.  Please read this great blog by erin meharg harris though for great info.

Read this great testimonial about our PPP!

NOTE: we can cut the PPP sheets to any size you desire.  It adds 2-3 days onto the shipping time and we charge $1.10 per cut for the reg steel-backed,  1.00 per cut for the low-relief steel-backed and .50 per cut for the polyester-backed.  They are packaged together, not in smaller packaging without adding additional cost.  So keep this in mind when you open them.  Please contact 520.531.1966 for instructions.