Customer Testimonials

Vlad and Kremena

2010 was an exciting year for us after winning the 3rd place prize for "Handmade Buttons or Beads" in the Bead Dreams competition. You can only imagine how happy we were again this year when we got a notice from the Bead & Button magazine editor, letting us know we had won again - both 1st and 3rd prize!

In June of 2011, we exhibited for the first time at the Bead & Button show in Milwaukee, WI. The display at the entrance with the Bead Dreams winners (including us) did a great job of attracting more customers to our booth!

All of this was made possible because of Tonya Davidson from Whole Lotta Whimsy.

She is the sponsor for the "Handmade Bead or Button" category. Because of her, ceramic bead artists are given a chance to have their voices heard in this competition!

- Vlad & Kremena
Golem Design Studio


Anne Mitchell

I have been an independent artist, teacher and author for over 15 years, and in that time I have seen artists burst onto the teaching scene, flourish for a few years and then fade away, I have seen artists with some amazing designs dazzle us for awhile and then stop producing, and I have seen bead stores open and close with the unforgiving turns in our economy. The trick for the artist and teacher is "how to reinvent yourself" every couple of years and the trick for the store owner is to keep the inventory fresh, interesting and up-to-date with the current trends and styles.

To be able stand the test of time and remain relevant in this industry is no easy task. I came to know Whole Lotta Whimsey about 5 years ago and I have watched this company flourish through the best and the most trying of times. It is a testament to the visionary and insightful nature of its owner and Tonya's desire to never rest on her laurels and let the status quo ever remain.

Over the last 4-1/2 years I have been honored to call Tonya friend, mentor and the "go-to-know-it-all-guru" that can always get me jump started. She has a way of getting through your blocks and right to the heart of what is stifling my creativity and/or motivation. She does not pull or hold back from an honest critique and will be the first to parse an accomplishment. This is a rare quality in life and one that I try to emulate daily.

- Anne Mitchell


Pam East

Kudo’s to Tonya Davidson for her terrific video tutorial on Photo-Polymer Plates!

The instructions are clear, concise and easy to follow.  Her methods result in clear, crisp plates that are perfect for impressing metal clay.  The addition of using Thermal Negative Film (TNF) has vastly improved my own results, and I now use PPP almost exclusively for creating my Champlevé enamel pieces, a process which requires sharply defined edges.

- Pam East


Ray Cooper

I am a certified metal clay instructor who teaches all over the Northeast US. WLW is where I get the majority of my supplies for my classes.


I like the prompt service (and the jelly beans), good prices, and the fact that when I ask for 12 of something like a pin tool, you have it.


I recommend WLW to all my students as my favorite metal clay source, and many of them have related their satisfaction with WLW to me.  Keep up the good work! 

- Ray Cooper


Trina Ann

What can I say about Whole Lotta Whimsy? Besides the fact that it's the coolest metal clay store around!

Tonya, herself, is a special breed of businesswoman. She is savvy, smart, and unbelievably friendly...but she is also extremely generous, even when she doesn't have to be.

I recently had problems with a kiln I purchased and was frustrated with the response I was getting from the manufacturer. Tonya stepped in to assist, and with her help, I was able to get my kiln replaced with a properly functioning one.

The amazing thing is... I didn't even buy the kiln from Whole Lotta Whimsy! The store I purchased my kiln from would do nothing to help me out, but Tonya wanted to help resolve my issues so I could get busy creating again. I will never forget the kindness and generosity that she showed me.

If that wasn't enough, Whole Lotta Whimsy has the most spectacular selection of metal clay tools! I can sit for hours looking through all of the products they carry (and the best prices to boot!). It is my "go to" store when I need something. The only trouble is...there's always so many new and wonderful products...I can't decide what to spend my money on!

- Trina Ann
Trina Ann Jewelry


Sandy Reuter

WLW is my favorite full service go-to website for my PMC supplies and jewelry accessories.

For online shopping I always begin at WLW for their broad selection and competitive pricing. The spectacular customer service is a bonus. It’s also fun to explore the website; especially the tutorials and projects.

WLW has always responded quickly to my questions via email or phone. I am a very satisfied and devoted customer.

- Sandy Reuter
Amour Bijoux



I stumbled across Whole Lotta Whimsy while shopping for a starter enamel kit, and I'm so glad to have found such an invaluable resource! The website is well organized and user friendly - all around, it's a huge cut above all the websites out there selling a similar product.

The products offered are high quality and the service is fast, efficient, and friendly with intelligent and well-thought out product recommendations . Add to this already impressive list links to an eZine with insightful articles about art, inspiration, and the business of craft, and a selection of step-by-step tutorials, and you have a recipe for one of the best resources for artists on the net.

I will not hesitate to recommend Whole Lotta Whimsy to anyone looking for quality craft and artist supplies. I know I will continue to shop for tools and supplies via this website.

Thanks a bunch!

- -Miranda
Gracebourne Design


Marnie Ehlers

My students and I love Whole Lotta Whimsy! 

Tonya and her team are fast, friendly, and knowledgeable.  I know when I place an order with WLW the prices are fair and it’s packaged quickly, insuring my supplies are available for classes when I need them….

And speaking of supplies, they have everything metal clay artists need, want and even a few things that haven’t been invented yet… (ok, that last part might be a bit of an exaggeration but not by much!)

- Marnie Ehlers
Good Muse Designs


LJ Rosen

I really enjoy Tonya and Whole Lotta Whimsy. 

She has a viewpoint on the business of art similar to mine and always has a good tip or new way for me to consider.

The tools and materials available on the site at Whole Lotta Whimsy are always of quality and priced right.  A favorite source of mine.

- LJ Rosen


Roz Eberhard-Swan

You can have a sensational range of stock, awesome website, and an informative blog (all of which you have!) but they count for nothing without the staff and service to back it up.

Thank you so much Tonya, you have assembled a great team and between you, I have never been let down. Not once!

WLW rocks!

- Roz Eberhard-Swan
Sydney Jewellry School


Mary Neuer Lee

What can I say? WLW is the best! Whether I need metal clay or I have questions about a kiln, they are the people I go to and they are the same people I send my students to!

My orders arrive on time with no mistakes. Anytime I have a question (whether it is about a product or an order) I can pick up the phone and talk to a live person. I love knowing that I am working with a family business and I make sure that my students know that they will be dealing with real people who care.

Thank you WLW! You run a great business and I am blessed and grateful to do business with you!!

- Mary Neuer Lee


Mick and Susie Mamola

WLW......WholeLottaWhimsy and a WholeLottaWonderful!

Every now and then we've purchased our metal clay supplies from WLW. Of late, however, they've been making many new additions to their product line and now offer a more complete selection than ever to choose from! So take a "stroll" through their shopping link and see for yourself. You'll find the usual and necessary accessories and supplies as well as some you won't find anywhere else.

And with customer service being at the top of my list......well, you've come to the right place! Tonya and staff add that personal touch in promptly answering any questions or concerns you may have, something you don't often experience in today's world.

Fact is, Susie ( my better half ) and I will be turning to WholeLottaWhimsy more often than not for our metal clay needs.

- Mick & Susie Mamola
Beadwytch Creations


Diane Sepanski

When having classes, I order metal clay product a few days before class and I can rest assured I will have what I need when I need it. I say to my students, "WLW is so fast its almost as though I just think real hard about what I want and it shows up at my door step the next day!" That may be an exaggeration but its not any harder than that.  The web site is easy to use and with a couple clicks what I need is at my door!

Before I buy anything I check with WLW first, if they carry it...I buy it from them! Prices are competitive, shipping is fast and affordable, customer service is above bar and I like to support local businesses.

- Diane Sepanski


Lori Coffelt

I totally think WLW rocks. I ordered on Sat., got a personal response about a problem with my order, and then received it Wed. That is amazing, and so are all the wonderful people at WLW. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

- Lori Coffelt


Andrew Thornton

Whole Lotta Whimsy never fails to deliver the highest caliber shopping experience for the jewelry-maker and craft enthusiast!

They're constantly updating their site with the latest innovations at the lowest prices, useful inspirational techniques, and beautiful examples from the top professionals in the field.

- Andrew Thornton
The Writing and Art of Andrew Thornton


Susan Brown

WLW is a great ‘One Stop Shop’ for metal clay tools and materials.  The website is clear and easy to use, which is good when ordering from overseas.

I really appreciate the friendly service, excellent communication and efficient shipping.  

I’m always happy to recommend WLW!

- Susan Brown


Sue Urquhart

I make my living with metal clay, so I'm constantly in need of something and WLW is always my first stop when shopping.

The customer service is stellar and my orders always ship within 24 hours, without any mistakes. I love how new and innovative products are always being added, and that they come with thorough and easy to follow instructions. Whenever I need to order something I peruse all the shopping categories and usually find something newly added that I have to try.

Tonya and her crew do an excellent job and I'm very happy to support such a great business!

- Sue Urquhart
Lulu Bug Jewelry


Nilma Hunter

Whole Lotta Whimsy has been my supplier for 3 years. The designer prices make it possible for me to have a higher margin of profit, not to mention the Whimsy Bucks Rewards I receive every year.

Tonya is extremely helpful with tips and quickly answers any questions or doubts I have. I highly recommend WLW!

Thank you Whole Lotta Whimsy,

- Nilma Hunter
Nilma Hunter Creations


Paula McDowell

Whole Lotta Whimsy allows me to do what I do:  create art jewelry, and teach metal clay techniques to others.

I order regularly for classes, and the team at WLW is always there to make sure it gets to me when I need it.  Sometimes they have to talk me back from the edge when shipping  or the weather doesn't cooperate, or offer alternative solutions when something is temporarily out of stock, but WLW customer support is absolutely top notch.  In addition, Tonya and her team regularly provide new products, and great educational resources as part of the shopping experience. If there ever is a question about how to use a product, I can always find a friendly response via phone or email.

And, then there is Tonya's "Musings and Mullings" which never fails to make me want to try something new.

I think Whole Lotta Whimsy sets a standard for how a business should be run.  I truly appreciate the dedication and hard work that allows me to focus on being passionate about creating.

- Paula McDowell
Studio Fire Dance


Delia Marsellos Traister

My experience with the humans that make up Whole Lotta Whimsy has been phenomenal.

Website ordering is easy and I love being able to add a note. The email I get telling me about my shipment is super helpful. Everyone I've talked to is pleasant, helpful and patient. I enjoy the product descriptions and the instructions and find myself referring back all the time. Tonya's Newsletter is so cool and Master Muse has been fun to play with. I even got an email reminding me to use my Whimsy Bucks!

My experiences with WLW have helped me as an artist and as a teacher... to grow and prosper. Thank you!

- Delia Marsellos Traister
Phoenix Designs


Sue McNenly

Many people who know my work know that most of it incorporates the use of photopolymer printing plates.  I design an image or text on Adobe Illustrator, then using a UV light, I expose the image onto a photopolymer plate, essentially making my own mold.

I have used 100's of plates in the past...  plastic backed, metal backed, shallow, deep, etc and BY FAR the best product IMHO is the metal backed plates sold by Tonya Davidson at Whole Lotta Whimsy.  And, she is such an awesome supplier that she now sells them in larger sheets so you can save some money and cut your own.  I go through 100's of these, so this has been a huge help.

For years I used the plastic backed plates.  They are great and cost-effective, but no matter how you store them, they will eventually bend and crack.  I then purchased a bunch of metal backed ones from Boxcar Press.  These were great, nice and flat, but for some reason they just aren't as much of a pleasure to work with as Tonya's...  more difficult to wash away, etc.  Tonya's are quick, and will hold incredibly fine lines.  I have heard people say you can't go below 1pt with text, but I have made a plate with a .25 pt line and it was breezy and easy (Cover Girl? :))

- Sue McNenly
Sue McNenly Designs


Marcie Dietz-Lipsett

WLW - What can I say? Whole Lotta Wonderful!

I’ve been a fan of WLW since I put my hands in PMC. Not only buying PMC, but every tool, gemstone, kiln product, carbon product, and organizing product that they sell! Their prices are always competitive and the customer service is 5 star. Recently I had a conversation with Tonya about the rising costs of PMC and she encouraged me to try Art Clay because it was less expensive then PMC. So I listened! I think that it is wonderful that WLW takes the time to talk to their customers and because of that, I will always be a loyal fan! And those jelly beans...

- Marcie Dietz-Lipsett
B Jeweled by Marcie D


Amy Culp

I met Tonya several years ago and started shopping at Whole Lotta Whimsy shortly after. I have purchased a lot of PMC materials over the years from many online retailers and my absolute favorite is WLW. Sure, the store site is easily navigated and the descriptions are great, but the real reason I keep coming back is the cool merchandise and new products that are always coming. If I am looking for something new that I may have only heard about somewhere else, I know I’ll be able to learn more about it either in Tonya’s blog, a tutorial or an email response. This cutting edge approach has made me popular with my students – they know every class term will have new products or a new technique. My orders always arrive on time and if there’s something that’s not available I know that a WLW team member is going to call and fix me right up. I honestly feel like family with Whole Lotta Whimsy and I encourage my students and PMC buddies to visit. It’s sort of like have a PMC shop around the corner.
- Amy Culp


Nancy Miller

I refer students to Whole Lotta Whimsy all the time as a great place to do business with great people.  I like knowing that they will always get the best service and that their questions are always given thoughtful consideration and clear answers.  The website is full of extra information and the blog is fun to read.  What more could you ask for?!

- Nancy Miller
Nancy Miller Jewelry Designs


Chris Brooks

Whole Lotta Whimsy is my number #1 supplier. The extensive inventory means one stop shopping. The web site has a lot of information about products enabling good purchase decisions. Finally the service is outstanding. They are fast, accurate and helpful. Thank you for years of great service.

- Chris Brooks


Liz Webster

I am so excited! I've run my Caldera kiln today - it worked beautifully. I have my very own, personally fired, beautiful PMC and copper pieces, all ready to patina and incorporate into some (hopefully stunning) piece of jewelry.

Thank you for all you and your staff did to get my kiln and accompanying tools and supplies to me in such short turn-around time. I appreciated the extra time you all spent, both on the phone and by e-mail, to make me feel comfortable in making this significant purchase from such a distance (Edmonton, Canada). And thank you too for creating such an informative and helpful website. I've learned so much - just by shopping!

- Liz Webster


Karen Stoddard

I am a budding PMC artist and have been ordering my supplies from Whole Lotta Whimsy for over a year now...I cannot tell you how amazing Tonya Davidson and her staff have been...My orders have been filled and shipped quickly...with individual instructions accompanying the products, questions about my order have been addressed by contacting me so as to make sure that the order was filled as I wanted, their selection of PMC supplies and pricing is the best in the field, and while I have never met Tonya personally, she has never failed to answer my questions about products and/or techniques in a prompt and helpful manner. In addition, the Whole Lotta Whimsy website with it's tutorials, newsletter, and Tonya's blog are a wealth of information for the artist. I only wish I lived closer so that I could attend the classes...Whole Lotta Whimsy goes above and beyond in providing the artist with the best supply source, a treasure trove of information and technique tutorials, and the ultimate in customer service...such a breath of fresh air! Whole Lotta Whimsy has become my primary source for supplies...Thank you Tonya and staff!

- Karen Stoddard