Hard Fiber Kiln Shelves, Fiber Blankets & ThinFire Paper

Ceramic Fiber Board Shelves, Fiber Blanket, Fiber and ThinFire Papers:

The Soft Fiber Shelf can be carved for molding glass. It can be cut for making mold dams and more. Good for about 6-8 firings.  These can be coated with kiln wash.  Do NOT coat the Hard Fiber Shelves with kiln wash as the wash can have an undesirable interaction with the rigidizer in the Hard Fiber Shelves.

The Hard Fiber Shelf has had a generous amount hardener applied called rigidizer. This makes it the ideal kiln shelf for metal clay. Paragon and WLW do not recommend cordierite shelves, or the hard ceramic-type shelves,  for firing metal clay. You can read more about this on the Kiln Comparison and Tip page under Tutorials. This rigidizer makes it last much longer (30-40 firings, maybe more). 

Hard Fiber Shelves can be used for torch firing/soldering, replacing the shelf in your kiln, etc. A must have for every studio. A great price...a great buy!  We couldn't find good quality shelves so we've been manufacturing them for about 6 years. We are more generous with the rigidizer so your shelves last longer. Plus we fire them for you here twice to avoid you having those nasty fumes in your studio and residue on your kiln. Our Fiber Board shelves are 1/2" thick. If you have a SC series kiln, Caldera, Express or Fire Fly you want to purchase the 7" square shelves. The 4" square shelves are for smaller kilns or if you want a smaller shelf.

Also Thinfire Paper, can be used for glass fusing, as a replacement to kiln wash. This product is also referred to as ceramic tape or shelf paper.

The Fiber Blanket is non-asbestos fine alumina and silica threads bound together to provide cushion, protection, and support for firing items. It is ideal for firing cork clay items as it allows the heat to circulate under the item thus preventing hot spots. It is also great for packing the inside of rings. Simply cut a 1" strip and jelly roll it, place inside the ring and fire. It helps it to keep it's shape and control the shrinkage. You can also use it to blanket cool your lampworked beads! When using, you may want to  wear gloves or wash hands to prevent itchy hands (glass slivers). Also try not to inhale fibers, for which a mask is always a good idea. Can be used many times. Good housekeeping and awareness leads to a safe studio and a healthier you.

The Fiber also comes in dense, but less thickness than the blanket, in both 1/8", 1/16" and 1/32" thicknesses is great for lining the bottom of your kiln during ceramic, glass and other firings. It is also good for wrapping stones or rocks to test fire. You can cut out shapes and place under glass, slump, and have a concave design in your glass (very cool). Many uses. Handle the same as the Fiber Blanket.

Need an extra 1/2 shelf or a smaller, less expensive shelf when firing 2-5 pieces? The 3" x 7" shelf is perfect! Subject your bigger shelves to fewer firings if you don't need the entire shelf! Great on 2" posts for those extra few pieces you couldn't fit on your larger shelf!

We also carry 12" square shelves for the Xpress 14A kiln.  NEW 7"x11" shelves for the new Multi-Media kilns! These two shelves have been fired only once at WLW. They will come to you with brown and black splotches. On subsequent firings these shelves will turn white once again. No worries with your kiln or the shelf.

Item Suggested Retail Price Your Price Quantity
FTS129 Hard Fiber Shelf 3" x 7" *C* $6.35 $2.75
FTS130 Soft Fiber Shelf 3" x 7" *C* $5.90 $3.00
FTS017 6" x 6" 1/16" Fiber *C* $1.30 $0.60
Out of Stock
FTS037 ThinFire Paper 6"x4" *C* $2.00 $0.20
Out of Stock
FTS053 ThinFire Paper 6"x4" (5) *C* $2.50 $0.98
Out of Stock
FTS014 Hard Fiber Shelf/ Firing Board 7" x 7" *C* $13.80 $7.00
Out of Stock
FTS015 6" x 6" Fiber Blanket *C* $5.50 $1.75
Out of Stock
FTS016 6" x 6" 1/8" Fiber *C* $2.60 $1.75
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