Texture Sheet Group D
These textures are 2" x 7". They do come on a wheel but we include instructions on how to easily remove them.  Takes seconds and a craft knife. They do lay flat once off the wheel. Great patterns and texture!
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TL641: Bandana Texture D *C*
TL641 Bandana Texture D *C* $7.50 $3.90
TL671: Pebbles Texture D *C*
TL671 Pebbles Texture D *C* $7.50 $3.90
Out of Stock
TL672: Shape Kabobs Texture D *C*
TL672 Shape Kabobs Texture D *C* $7.50 $3.90
Out of Stock
TL673: Slither Texture D *C*
TL673 Slither Texture D *C* $7.50 $3.90