Happy Stamps or Fuku Hanko Stamps
These fabulous stamps represent daily life in Japan. They measure 1 1/8" x 1 1/8".  They are mounted on wood.

These stamps can be used on items you sell as long as they are hand stamped. No mechanical or other form of reproduction is permitted. Quantities for commercial use are generally allowed if they are in the range of 100 hand-stamped impressions per image.
  Item Suggested Retail Price Your Price Quantity
TL746: Fuku Hanko Flower *C*
TL746 Fuku Hanko Flower *C* $4.50 $2.00
TL742: Fuku Hanko Arrow *C*
TL742 Fuku Hanko Arrow *C* $4.50 $2.80
TL735: Fuku Hanko Boy *C*
TL735 Fuku Hanko Boy *C* $4.50 $2.00
TL731: Fuku Hanko Cloud *C*
TL731 Fuku Hanko Cloud *C* $4.50 $2.00