Chinese Lucky Symbols Stamps
Ten stamps based on chinese symbols. To wish you long life the peach originated as the symbol of longevity two thousand years ago. The goldfish is a symbol of wealth and abundance. The carp represents success. The lotus represents the wish for the continuity of luck, wealth, promotion and children. The mandarin ducks mate for life. They are a symbol of marital happiness and harmony. These stamps measure 1 1/2" x 1 1/4". These stamps can be used on items you sell as long as they are hand stamped. No mechanical or other form of reproduction is permitted. Quantities for commercial use are generally allowed if they are in the range of 100 hand-stamped impressions per image.

These are mounted on wood.  Heat gun or hot blowdryer will remove them if you wish to store them flat.  These Clear File Folders are great for storage.
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TL753: Chinese Lucky Goldfish (Fortune) *SALE*
TL753 Chinese Lucky Goldfish (Fortune) *SALE* $4.50 $3.40
Out of Stock
TL752: Chinese Lucky Peach (Longevity)*C*
TL752 Chinese Lucky Peach (Longevity)*C* $4.50 $2.00
TL751: Chinese Lucky Hsi (Double Happiness)*C*
TL751 Chinese Lucky Hsi (Double Happiness)*C* $4.50 $2.80
Out of Stock
TL750: Chinese Lucky Ai (Love)*SALE*
TL750 Chinese Lucky Ai (Love)*SALE* $4.50 $3.40
Out of Stock
TL749: Chinese Lucky Yu (Friend)*C*
TL749 Chinese Lucky Yu (Friend)*C* $4.50 $2.25
Out of Stock
TL748: Chinese Lucky Shou (Longevity)*C*
TL748 Chinese Lucky Shou (Longevity)*C* $4.50 $2.00