Ultralite Kiln

The Ultralite Kiln was originially developed for granulation. However, once the ceramic inserts were developed it made it possible to fire metal clay. It also comes in handy for enameling and keum boo. With the invention of the brass inserts by Celie Fago, the Ultralite has become a favorite for Keum Boo. It allows you to maintain a constant temperature and to also do hollow forms, which are both impossible with the hot plates when attempting easy Keum Boo. 

You may want to invest in the temperature controller also. It provides you with a extension cord, plus it is necessary for fusing operations or if you need to reduce the heat. Voltage can vary causing some Ultra Lites to achieve temperatures that exceed 1550F. Our small trivets fit in the Ultra Lite just fine and most jewelry pieces fit in the small trivet perfectly. Don't forget to order your ceramic inserts. These are essential so that you do not melt anything on the element itself.

You can read more about the ceramic inserts, temperature controller, keum boo brass inserts and more on those particular pages under Firing and Torch Supplies.

Comes with Standard 15" Cord. Uses standard 120V household current. 90 day warranty with the manufacturer. Your warranty is not through WLW but we will help you if you need to contact the manufacturer. Replacement elements will be available soon.

The manufacturer also says that you can purchase the 120V unit and use a power transformer for Europe, New Zealand and AUS. Make sure it is the correct transformer so that it allows the right volts to be served to the unit.  A transformer can decrease the output by 15% so effectively, the kiln can drop to 1300F.  Your 90 day warranty will not be able to be honored with international orders because of the transformer issues.  They can fail causing the kiln to fail.  International units are available through distributors in those countries.  Contact the mfg for that information.

Don't forget that you need to wear Safety Shade Glasses, 2 or higher, when looking into the UL kiln.


Click here for JEC's Firing Instructions for Metal Clay

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FTS088: Ultralite Red Brass Covers (2) *C*
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FTS217: MiniPhaser Temperature Control *C*
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