Steel-Backed Photopolymer Plate
Steel-Backed Photopolymer Plate

Perfect sizes to use.  No more cutting, purchasing shears, etc.   Plus when you try to cut them yourself the edges bend and then your image is not as good on that side. These are steel backed and recommended by Maggie Bergman ( for the most crisp image.  The steel backings will also help to keep them from curling.  It's recommended to store them in a thin coating of oil and on their edges after they have been processed.  Before processing it is imperative that they be stored in the dark.  They have a limited shelf life as well, so only purchase what you can use in 6 months or less time.  Edges are not usually sharp, but please do be careful when handling them.  

The Low Relief plates are meant to mimic tear-away texture.  These of course will last longer than tear-away paper.  They also give you low relief texture which is perfect for Keum Boo gold applications.  Try them out and see what you think!  I love them for words and thin details.  The .045" plates are equal to a hair over 4 cards in thickness or 1.143mm.

The photo depicts a sample on polyester photopolymer.  They come plain with no design.  You must apply the design through the curing technique using either a drawing or usually it's preferred to make a transparency with clip art generated from a computer.  We've got fabulous clip art books that come with a disc so you can make the image as large or small as you'd like.  

We've got new sized plates.  They are 8" x 11".  The plates are actuallly larger than this size.  You might get a 8.25" x 11.5", but the next sheet might be 8" x 11.25".  So you're getting more than is stated, but we rounded down the size on the description.  This oddity in size is created by the way we trim the plates before shipping.  The 4" x 4" plates do not fit in the Sm UV lamp.  The Sm UV lamp is actually 4" across so the new 3" square plates will work great! You'll need the larger lamp and we recommend not installing the side bulbs in order to provide the space needed.  You'll also need folding binder clips, not bullnose clips.

Don't forget we also carry UV lamps, thermal negative film and developer.  This makes for a much easier and quicker development process instead of creating your own UV setup or using the sun.

Don't forget to watch our video tutorial on photopolymer plate development! Check out my new tutorial on PPP, Jan 13th, 2009, on my blog.  It may answer some additional questions you have about designing them and using the Thermal Negative Film (TNF).

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