Rolling Accessories

Great acrylic rolling accessories! The see-through acrylic allows you to see what you are doing with your clay. The slats are perfect for achieving adequate thickness before firing.  They are the equivalent of 5.5 cards.  They can be cleaned easily and will last a very long time. 

The coil roller is great for rolling out those snakes. Decorate the handle with paint pens to personalize.  

The blue shown is just a protective sheet. Please remove when it arrives.

The roller is 1" in diameter and hollow inside. An excellent price for the size and quality of the clear acrylic. These do not stick to the clay. However, a little Badger Balm or Olive Oil on all work tools helps keep things from sticking.

Now available: the Coil Roller without the wooden handle!  

TL042  Slats (pair) *C*

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