Kemper Pattern Cutters
Kemper Pattern Cutters

Used to cut various shapes and sizes of ceramic, polymer or metal clay. These are great for quick and easy charms, earrings, and ring toppers. The small 3/16" assorted sizes make interesting holes for hanging pendants, earrings, and other items.

Great for building confidence with beginners and kids not comfortable cutting out their own shape.

The pattern cutters are sold by size and shape. The 3/16" thru the 3/4" are that size, in those assortments of shapes: heart, round, teardrop and flower. There are 4 to the numerical sets. The round, triangle, square, etc named cutters have 5 in them, of that shape and range in size from 3/8" to 3/4". The Large Round Pattern Cutters, TL134, are the following sizes: 1/2", 3/4", 1", 1.25", and 1.5".

For easy use, apply a bit of badger balm to the inside lip. Press into the clay. Place cutter on it's edge on one side and tap repeatedly until the shape falls out. Using the plunger will place a small mark on your clay which can be undesirable.

10 mm

11 mm

13 mm

16 mm

20 mm

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TL147: 1/2" Pattern Cutters (4x)
TL147 1/2" Pattern Cutters (4x) $8.90 $8.55
Out of Stock
TL009: Round Cutters (5x) *C*
TL009 Round Cutters (5x) *C* $11.00 $7.65
Out of Stock
TL053: Triangle Pattern Cutters (5x) *C*
TL053 Triangle Pattern Cutters (5x) *C* $11.70 $7.60
Out of Stock
TL054: Square Pattern Cutters (5x) *C*
TL054 Square Pattern Cutters (5x) *C* $12.00 $8.40
Out of Stock
TL355: Oval Pattern Cutters (5x) *C*
TL355 Oval Pattern Cutters (5x) *C* $11.00 $7.15
Out of Stock