Fine Silver Wire and Bezel
Fine Silver Wire and Bezel

Fine silver round and bezel wire is great for:

  • -making your own casting grains
  • -adding texture and dimension to your pieces
  • -making your own bezel settings
  • -earring wire fired right into the clay
  • -pearl and bead posts fired into the clay
  • and more!

All wire comes in 1 foot increments. If you order more than 1 foot it will be cut in one continuous strand.  It is dead soft.

Price can fluctuate with silver market. Looking for Sterling Silver Wire? You'll find these items on the Finishing Supplies page.

  Item Suggested Retail Price Your Price Quantity
  SP741 10g FS Wire $31.62 $30.95
  SP157 12g FS Wire $18.70 $18.20
  SP029 14g FS Wire $11.60 $11.30
Out of Stock
  SP028 16g FS Wire $8.65 $8.40
  SP027 18g FS Wire $5.31 $5.20
Out of Stock
  SP013 24g FS Wire $1.15 $1.10
  SP014 26g FS Wire $0.80 $0.75
  SP091 28g FS Wire $0.50 $0.45
  SP092 30g FS Wire $0.30 $0.25
SP019: 1/8 Bezel Wire
SP019 1/8 Bezel Wire $6.55 $6.40
SP015: 3/16 Bezel *C*
SP015 3/16 Bezel *C* $10.05 $9.55
Out of Stock
SP021: 3/16 Scallop Bezel
SP021 3/16 Scallop Bezel $8.70 $8.50