Liver of Sulphur

Liver of Sulphur is used to create interesting color treatments on finished silver pieces. Heat up a cup of water, add a peppercorn-size liver of sulphur chunk. This solution can be painted on with a qtip or you can dip the entire piece into the solution. Run under water or rinse with baking soda to neutralize liver of sulphur solution. Liver of Sulphur should be stored in an airtight container in a cool space. It tends to go bad after 9 months to a year. Some report better results by putting it in a double container or baggies. This is why we sell it in smaller quantities.

Dipping after brushing = raku effects

Dipping after tumbling = irridized gunmetal effects

Dipping till black and then burnish back with polishing pads = antique effects

A generous amount, comes with spoon and full instructions on how to get those pinks, blues and purples!

For a great read on Liver of Sulphur, check out:

Here's a step by step tutorial on patina!

Don't forget your Pro Polishing Pads to remove the antiquing in the high areas!  

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