Stainless Steel Firing Pan

Made from quality stainless steel, this two-piece firing container will fire BronzClay or Copper Clay perfectly!

The 10" containers fit in the Multi-Media (Xpress 12A or T) or Xpress 14A perfectly.

The 7" containers fits in the SC series kilns, Evenheat E series, Xpress 10A, Caldera and the FireFly. They can be stacked as well.  The Small 7" container is the only one that will fit in the FireFly.

It's recommended to put 1/2" posts inbetween containers when stacking them.  Don't forget you need to put posts under the firing pan when firing.  This allows the heat to circulate under the pan.  1/2" posts work great for this purpose!

NOTE: Once you fire the pan it oxidizes and sheds a layer of metal all over your kiln.  It turns black and ugly.  This is normal.  We recommend Fiber Cloth or Firing Cloth to make housekeeping measures minimal.  Or simply use a hepa-filter vacuum to remove these flecks from your kiln.

FTS173  Large 10 1/2" Stainless Steel Firing Pan (x 6 3/8" x 4") *C*

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