Multistrand German Stainless Steel Chokers

Incredibly well made colored stainless steel chokers from Germany. Not the cheap knock-offs from China. These necklaces are mult-strand and have a high-quality bayonnet clasp connector. Great value! They are my choice for necklaces when I wear a focal that's not beaded up! 

I recently attended the Tucson Gem Show.  The company that imports these from Germany is selling them at wholesale for $24.95.  So even if you bought hundreds of dollars worth of these necklaces you couldn't buy them for $19.95.  So scoop them up while you can!
  Item Suggested Retail Price Your Price Quantity
FS08118: Blue 18" *C*
FS08118 Blue 18" *C* $19.95 $14.50
FS08516: White 16" *C*
FS08516 White 16" *C* $19.95 $14.50