Sterling Bracelets

The Sterling Bracelets are made in Italy. They are fantastic in their quality and style. The memory wire is a base metal and is perfect for a contemporary fun flair! They make great demo bracelets as they are easy to remove to show interested buyers and students the variety of beads you can make.

These are wonderful for adding charms. The oval linked bracelet is more delicate and supple. The ellipse shaped linked bracelet is great for making large chunky charm bracelets.

FS141, 140, 142 have nearly 12mm long links by 8mm wide links(OD). The links themselves are approximately 1.3mm thick by 2mm wide.

FS139 and 143 are nearly 6mm long links by 4mm wide links (OD). The links themselves are almost 1mm by 1mm.

The FTS061 and FTS149 are a nice-sized bracelets perfect for charms and dangles! The links are approximately 6mm OD and 2mm wide. It's got a nice heavy lobster clasp on it too!

FS149  Handmade Silver Link Bracelet D 8+" *C*

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