Dover Clip Art Books-36
These clip art books have fabulous designs and images suitable for resins, polymer transfers and more! Use the included disk to make the images black and white for tear-away and photopolymer too!  I have a whole collection of these for my work.  Modify them and make them your original patterns.  

Find the pattern or design you like.  Insert the disc into the computer.  Enlarge, reduce or modify the design.  Print it out on transparency or on regular paper.  Take the print out to Kinkos and have it printed onto transparency.  Make a Thermal Negative Film image and develop.  Expose this TNF onto the Photopolymer Plate.  Wash this out.  Now you have your own custom personalized texture to use with ceramic clay, polymer clay, metal clay, foil for enameling and more!  

Check out these helpful tutorials:

For resins, print out the designs in color on good quality paper.  I like photo quality paper.  Then coat this in Diamond Glaze to seal the paper so it doesn't discolor.  Next mix up resin (try Ice Resin) and wait 24 hours for to wear your amazing new masterpiece.
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BK108: Victorian Designs*C*
BK108 Victorian Designs*C* $14.95 $9.00
BK094: 120 Classic Posters from "Les Maitres de l'Affiche" *C*
BK094 120 Classic Posters from "Les Maitres de l'Affiche" *C* $19.95 $11.50
BK146: 200 Illustrations from Gerard's Herbal *C*
BK146 200 Illustrations from Gerard's Herbal *C* $14.95 $8.50
BK154: Decorative French Ironworks *C*
BK154 Decorative French Ironworks *C* $14.95 $8.50
BK152: 408 Victorian Ornamental Designs *C*
BK152 408 Victorian Ornamental Designs *C* $14.95 $9.00
BK151: 476 Decorative Designs *C*
BK151 476 Decorative Designs *C* $14.95 $9.00
BK148: Ancient Italian Ornament *C*
BK148 Ancient Italian Ornament *C* $22.95 $13.80
BK091: Decorative Butterfly Illustrations *C*
BK091 Decorative Butterfly Illustrations *C* $19.95 $11.50
BK107: Mythological and Fantastic Creatures *C*
BK107 Mythological and Fantastic Creatures *C* $14.95 $8.75
BK114: Baroque Ornaments *C*
BK114 Baroque Ornaments *C* $14.95 $9.00
BK100: Typographic Ornaments *C*
BK100 Typographic Ornaments *C* $14.95 $11.25
Out of Stock
BK112: Elegant Floral Design *C*
BK112 Elegant Floral Design *C* $14.95 $11.25
Out of Stock
BK113: Designs and Motifs from India *C*
BK113 Designs and Motifs from India *C* $14.95 $9.00
Out of Stock
BK098: Pugin's Floral Ornament *C*
BK098 Pugin's Floral Ornament *C* $19.95 $11.60
BK101: Chinese Folk Designs *C*
BK101 Chinese Folk Designs *C* $16.95 $12.75