PMC Basics

From Tim McCreight:

It's a fact in our fast-paced society, we want to get to the good stuff right away, no messing around. Of course each viewer has a different need, so how do we make an instructional video that can adapt to a range of skill levels. This unique format does a good job because it allows you to skip between any of the thirty short instructional videos that cover basic and advanced techniques as well as tools including firing.

Brynmorgen Press, in collaboration with White Dog Arts, developed a unique format called QuickTakes that exploits the ability of digital media like DVD to jump from track to track. This innovative video takes full advantage of this fact by compressing specific techniques into short clips or "takes." An on-screen navigation bar allows viewers to jump to a specific bit of information, to see auxiliary text, and then to pivot on to the next relevant bit. No more thumb-numbing fast forwarding, only to miss the piece you were waiting for! Tight close-ups and clear instruction make this one of the most popular videos in its field.

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