Metalsmith Essentials: Basic Jewelry Hammering & Forming Vol 1 DVD

Join master metalsmith and toolmaker Bill Fretz in 8 watch-and-learn lessons for everything you need to know to get started forming your own metal jewelry. Master the basics and boost your skills as you learn the ins and outs of planishing, raising, using stakes, and more!


Enter a new era in your jewelry designs as you:

  • Stay safe with tips for using your tools and materials the right way.
  • Create stunning bracelets and bangles with expert techniques made easy.
  • Expand your metalsmithing repertoire with these foundational instructions from simple texturing, concave, and convex forming to complex fluting.
  • Turn basic metal materials into gorgeous jewelry while you explore the versatility of metal forming.
  • And more!


DVD040  ME: Basic Jewelry Hammering & Forming Vol 1 DVD *C*

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