This liquid enamel is for spraying or dripping. Ceramic pigments can be added to color. Great for a base on which to use the enamel crayons or enamel watercolors. These enamels are great for basecoats. Get Linda Darty's, The Art of Enameling for more information!

Please note: these are sold dry.  They do not come already mixed.  This saves you from paying for water weight and also from allowing it to dry up when not in use.  


Get a container that can be sealed.  Pour a small amount of water into the container. It's always best to use less water than more.  Next, sift in the powder, allowing it to slake or absorb the water.  As it absorbs the powder, add more powder to the water.  Next gently mix with a spoon.  Add more water or powder until you achieve the correct consistency.  You might want to keep notes so you know for next time, the formula of water to powder you used.  The right consistency can be determined by sticking your finger into the mixture.  If you can see the outline of your fingernail, but not see skin, then it's the right consistency. You may desire thinner enamel if you are air brushing it.  However for pouring and coating metal, it's always best to work a little on the thinner side.  The enamel should a little thicker than heavy cream.

You can either dip the piece in the enamel or spoon the enamel over the surface of the metal.  You will want to have a trivet nearby, on which to place the coated metal in order for it to dry without marks.  It takes a good bit of time for it to dry, so plan ahead.  You can also paint on the liquid enamel. Once dry the enamel can be sanded off, scraffito'd through and removed in spots with clay shaper.

Don't forget to check on it occasionally when strored.  If the water evaporates, it will dry out and you'll need to start over.  For more information, consult Linda's manual, The Art of Enameling.

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EOL005 Liquid Enamel Medium Fusing White (2oz) 1070 *C* $4.20 $1.95
EOL105 Liquid Enamel Medium Fusing White (4oz) 1070 *C* $7.65 $6.00
EOL001 Liquid Enamel Medium Fusing Clear(2oz) 303 *C* $4.20 $1.95
Out of Stock
EOL101 Liquid Enamel Medium Fusing Clear (4oz) 303 *C* $7.65 $6.50
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EOL004 Liquid Enamel Low Fusing Clear (2oz) 969 *C* $4.20 $1.95
EOL104 Liquid Enamel Low Fusing Clear (4oz) 969 *C* $7.65 $6.50
EOL102 Liquid Opaque White Enamel (4oz) 533 $7.65 $6.50
Out of Stock
EOL003 Liquid Opaque Black Enamel (2oz) 772 *C* $4.20 $2.00
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EOL002 Liquid Opaque White Enamel (2oz) 533 *C* $4.20 $2.00
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