Fusemaster Enamels

Lead-Free Opaque of finely ground enamel consists of 21 intermixable enamels that blend so well that a complete spectrum of hues and shades may be achieved with a basic stock of colors. These vibrant enamels mature at the glass fusing temperature range of 1300-1550F. They can be mixed with squeegee oilclove oilKlyr Fire and then airbrushed, painted, sifted, or sponged on top of glass, enamels, or sandwiched between layers of glass/enamels.

Use our Vitreous Tracing Black as the outline and detail work, mixed with the clove oil. Fuse this first and then paint on the Fusemaster enamels mixed with squeegee oil.   You'll need some freezer paper, a palette knifea container for the turpentineturpentine or brush cleaner, and tape to secure the freezer paper to your work surface.  Mix the enamels and oils together to create what looks like oil paint.  Then paint your heart out.  Clean brushes with turpentine.  I highly recommend Bronwen Heiman's Vitreous Glass Painting Techniques book.  The Lead-Free colors can be used to add color to any pate-de-verre project. These colors are approved for food bearing surfaces. All colors come in our nice plastic containers with labels. Perfect for your studio...no messy baggies with wasted enamel!
  Item Suggested Retail Price Your Price Quantity
SP930: Fusemaster Dark Red (1/4 oz) *C*
SP930 Fusemaster Dark Red (1/4 oz) *C* $8.15 $3.70
SP414: Fusemaster Soft Violet (1/4 oz) *C*
SP414 Fusemaster Soft Violet (1/4 oz) *C* $9.30 $4.20
SP399: Fusemaster Black (1/4 oz) *C*
SP399 Fusemaster Black (1/4 oz) *C* $7.55 $3.45
SP392: Fusemaster Green (1/4 oz) *C*
SP392 Fusemaster Green (1/4 oz) *C* $6.75 $3.05
SP405: Fusemaster Orange (1/4 oz) *C*
SP405 Fusemaster Orange (1/4 oz) *C* $8.15 $3.70
SP394: Fusemaster Powder Blue (1/4 oz) *C*
SP394 Fusemaster Powder Blue (1/4 oz) *C* $8.15 $3.70
SP407: Fusemaster White (1/4 oz) *C*
SP407 Fusemaster White (1/4 oz) *C* $7.55 $3.45