Dicro Slide(TM)

Dicro Slide™ is a special Dichroic Coated 4" x 4" paper.  This exciting new dichroic product cuts with scissors, punched with paper punches and is easy to use and can be fired on almost any glass. It works with ceramic and porcelain too! Dicro Slide™ is produced with the same vacuum deposition procedure that is used to put dichroic coatings on glass.

This decal paper has no COE, so it compatible with all types of glass.  A very resourceful embellishment!

Magenta/Green shifts to Blue/Dark Teal

Blue/Gold shifts to Green

Cyan/Copper shifts to Yellow Gold

High Cyan/Copper Red shifts to Copper Gold

Clear/Red shifts to Burgundy/Deep Red

Rainbow shifts Varies 

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SP473: Dicro Slide (TM) Clear/Red *C*
SP473 Dicro Slide (TM) Clear/Red *C* $17.95 $12.55
SP472: Dicro Slide (TM) High Cyan/Copper Red *C*
SP472 Dicro Slide (TM) High Cyan/Copper Red *C* $17.95 $12.55
SP471: Dicro Slide (TM) Cyan/Copper *C*
SP471 Dicro Slide (TM) Cyan/Copper *C* $17.95 $10.00
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